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Updated: July 6, 2022
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The use of TikTok grew exponentially over the pandemic when everyone looked for ways to keep themselves distracted during the two horrific years. It was a central hub for videos, pranks, and music entertainment. Influencers and talented artists were going viral as it became a popular outlet for creative minds.


At the time of its growing use, the users were only listening to the audio and mimicking dance movements on top of it. We were unaware how the tunes could be later transformed using TikTok to ringtone converts to customize phone settings. Today, we present the solution to monotonous, endless ringing with a few ways on how to convert TikTok video to ringtones for your phone.

Convert TikTok to your Ringtone Using Top MediAI

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Top MediAI is a technology-providing business trusted by more than 100 media authorities. The company presents honest reviews for successful goodwill generation. The service does not believe in altering the feedback to display one-sided imagery. As a result, Top MediAI is well known among its clients for its guarantee and products.

MediAI offers multiple platforms to store and recover lost data, eliminate bugs and other operative issues. Its products aid in efficient data transfer without compromising their quality. MediAI products are available on Mac and Windows computers. They are designed for iOS and android device solutions to provide long-lasting service.

You can use its software to customize the phone’s ringtones. It gets boring to hear the phone ring each time over the years you have been using it. Changing the ringtone will make you look at your phone from a newer perspective. Here is how to convert a TikTok into a ringtone to impress your social circle with Top MediAI's innovative platform

Convert TikTok to Ringtone for Android

Have you thought of changing the phone calls,so your phone rings differently each time? How about a unique ringtone for your best friend? Or a love song for someone special in your life? This is all possible with a TikTok ringtone converter. How to convert TikTok into a ringtone is possible by practicing the following steps:

As with any ringtone, you need a source. Open the TikTok application on your phone and find a video you love. Now:

Click on the Share icon on the TikTok video. Select “Save Video” to move forward with the process.


How to convert TikTok audio to ringtone involves connecting the phone to the personal computer. You can use a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection.

Open the Top MediAI software on your computer after successfully establishing a connection between the two devices.

Import the TikTok video file to the Top MediAI platform. You can drag the file on the project timeline or use the import option for the longer route.

Click on the “Export” option.

Select the mp3 file format under the music menu. This is crucial in ensuring the TikTok video to mp3 converter ringtone is completed without hiccups.

After selecting the format, click on the desired location to save the converted audio file. Click on “Export.”

Transfer the custom audio into the “Ringtone” mobile folder.

Carefully disconnect the phone from your computer.

Go to Settings.

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Click on Sound and Vibrations.

Tap the +/ add sign on the top right of the sub-menu for custom selection. Select the file exported.


Congratulations! The phone will ring your favorite songs that correspond with the contact list.

Convert TikTok to Ringtone for iPhone

Did you know you can create custom tunes when your friends or family call you on your iPhone? Get ready to customize the tunes with the detailed menu completely.

Before you decide which TikTok to convert into a ringtone, you must decide which TikTok to convert. There are billions of sounds on the interactive social media platform. Therefore, choose the best sound which reflects your personality and taste.

Method 1. Convert TikTok to Ringtone on TikTok

After making the decision, follow the following steps:

Open the TikTok applicationon your iPhone.

Click on the Share button on the user interface

Tap “Save video” to save the small entertaining video on your iPhone.

The second step involves connecting the iPhone to the desktop or laptop. Here is how to convert a TikTok into a ringtone

Connect the iPhone to your personal computer using a USB cable.

Launch the Top MediAI, TikTokto ringtone converter on your laptop and wait for the initial interface to appear.

Drag the saved TikTok onto the interface. You can also physically import the file too.

Click on the export button on the bottom right handside of the pop-up window on the TikTok ringtone converter.

Select mp3 format in the music tab

Select the output pathway, meaning where you want the computer to save the converted file.

Click on Export again for the PC to save the converted TikTok.

Close the TikTokto ringtone converter

Once how to convert a TikTok into a ringtone has been completed, it is time to transfer it to your iPhone. Here is how to do it:

Method 2. Use GarageBand Application

Open the GarageBand application on your phone. It is installed by default. However, you can also download it from your App Store.

Click on the + icon on the top right of the user interface. It will begin with a new file from scratch.

Select “Audio Recorder.”

Choose “Tracks” from the top left.

Pick the “Loop” icon on the Garbage application user interface's top left.


Next, select the folder icon on the bottom. It will lead you to choose the converted audio file we exported earlier using Top MediAI.

Scroll until you find the file. GarageBand application will add it to the task timeline after selection.

Again, click on the + icon and select the option “Section A.” The Up arrow will stretch the length of the audio to 30 seconds. Copy and paste a few loops until the desired minimum 30-second size is reached. iPhone requires tunes to have at least 30 seconds of playtime for successful selection.

After you are happy with the audio, click on the down arrow on the top left. Select “My Songs” and save the custom audio to the folder.


Hold the TikTok converted audio file. Opt for the “Share” option.

Rename the file and select “Export.”

To set it as a ringtone, use the option “Use Sound As.” The menu will take you to a ringtone selection menu for phone calls and other application notifications.

Convert TikTok to Ringtone Online for Free

Method 1. LoveTik

Open the browser on your computer.

Visit for how to convert TikTok to ringtone.


Copy the TikTok link onto the website.

Click on Start.

LoveTik will convert TikTok to ringtone for free in just a few seconds.

Transfer the downloaded file to your phone using Bluetooth or a USB connection.

Lastly, follow the correct pathway to select the custom audio as a ringtone.

Method 2. ssstik

Open the browser on your laptop or personal computer.

Visit It is a helpfulTikTok ringtone converter for custom use.

Copy the TikTok link whose audio you wish to convert. You can choose the “Paste” option to directly select the links from the clipboard.


Click on Download.

After a successful conversion, transfer the tune to your phone.

Surprise your friends and family each time the phone rings!

The last platform on the menu is one of the best, with credible results and an easy user-interface.

Method 3. Qload

Open the browser on your laptop.

Type  into the search bar. It will take you to QLoad, a reliable TikTok ringtone converter website.

Copy the TikTok video link in the space given.


Click on “Process” and give the TikTok ringtone converter a few seconds to do its job.

Once processing is complete, download the audio file.

Transfer it to your phone and select it as a personalized ringtone for friends and family.

Interesting Facts about TikTok

TikTok was created in China, unlike other social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have creators and headquarters in the U.S.A. Chinese Project Douyin made TikTok in 2016 as a social experiment. Furthermore, Bytedance, a Chinese tech conglomerate, owns the globally recognized platform.

There are well over 800 million users on TikTok each time you log in to the application. The global use is worldwide with music, artistry, and other elements the international audience enjoys so much. Instagram has an average of a billion users compared to other social media. Unfortunately, it is expected TikTok users will soon accede against the competition.

TikTok has over a billion downloads among android and iPhone users. 1.5 billion TikTok downloads on Google Play and App Store is a celebratory milestone. Not many applications have experienced such growth since their conception. As a result, Facebook and other competitors are closely observing TikTok expansion.

No one knew about Bytedance, TikTok's creator. However, once the application began to boom, the venture firm’s equity grew to $75 billion. This is a huge jump for a small firm which was unknown since its start-up. The expanding Bytedance indicates a lucrative business with employee satisfaction at optimal levels.

Even though TikTok is a Chinese-based application, the lion’s share of users belongs to the U.S. Over 30 percent are American users are enjoying the application and its features. Furthermore, the top-most followed creators also belong to the same country, further strengthening its international influence.

The application is popular among 16 to 24 years old, with over 70% of the audience in the age range. Furthermore, the remaining thirty percent are over 25 years of age. The statistics show thatTikTok is popular among Gen Z, becoming its dominant demographic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I make my TikTok sound ringtones on my android phone?

Users will search for the TikTok audio file in their music player.

Select the music file and click on the three dots.

Select “Set as Ringtone” after using a TikTok to ringtone converter.

2How to make a custom ringtone?

Launch the settings on your phone.

Go to Sound and Vibration.

Click on the plus sign and select the custom audio file. That’s it!

3Are there TikTok ringtone converters online?

There are numerous TikTok to ringtone converts available online. Do a web search or ask for recommendations from your friends and family.

4Is an audio extractor reliable?

Top MediAIis safe to use. They are securely encrypted to interact with numerous computers and phone software. The manufacturer guarantees virus-free file transfers. Visit the website to learn more about the features and safety protocols.

5How to make audio on TikTok?

Launch the TikTok application on your phone.

Click on the red circle for the application to record the video

Select the Sound display icon on the bottom left.

Choose the audio from the list or speak into the microphone to add a custom speech.

6Which software will separate audio from TikTokvideos?

Top MediAI will expertly extract the audio from TikTok videos. The users will follow simple instructions on how to convert a TikTok into a ringtone. Later, they can easily save the file in mp3 format.

7How can I add a custom song to my TikTok?

Check whether or not the Voiceover option is active on the right handside of the user interface

Speak into the microphone. It will add audio over the custom music playing in the background.

Select “Keep original sound” before saving.


There you have it! A well-researched and extensive guide on how to convert TikTok to ringtone from your home or office. It is an excellent idea to interact with your contacts uniquely. Now you know it is extremely easy to convert TikTok to ringtone.

Top MediAI is at your service to enhance your phone-using experience. The creators prioritize customer satisfaction over everything. Furthermore, Top MediAI also offers a cooperative refund policy with a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied from the service. Contact the customer support team by filing out the query form. Follow Top MediAI on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay updated.

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