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In this article, we'd introduce an anime character-Garfield, and who voiced Garfield, and how to use TTS to generate Garfield's voice for entertainment or advertising purposes

Part 1: Who is Garfield?

Garfield, an orange tabby cat, has been a beloved character for over 40 years. Created by Jim Davis, Since the creation of the Garfield cartoons in the 1980s, the voice of Garfield has been provided by actor Lorenzo Music, and later by Bill Murray in the live-action movies


Part 2: Text-to-Speech Garfield AI Voice Generators Rcommended

1. VoxBox

VoxBox is support convert text into 3200+ voices like SpongeBob, Kermit the frog, and other human-like voices.


Key Features:

Supprted more than 3200 Character Ai voices.

Supports multiple languages.

Multiple functions like Text-to-speech, speech-to-text,voice record, video convert, etc.

Available for the Windows platform.


  • Easy-to-use.

  • Safe and secure.


  • Need installation.

  • Limited features in the free version.

2. TopMediAi- Text-to-Speech

TopmediAi is a high-tech AI-based online platform that supportes to generate garfield'voice.


Key Features:

It has 70+ languages for better understanding.

It has a library of 3200+ voices like Mickey Mouse,etc.

It supports multiple voice formats.


  • Supported all platforms like PC & Mobile.

  • High-quality and legitimate voices.


  • You have limited unlocked voice stores in the free version.

  • The features are fewer as compared to the pricing demand.

3. Fake You

Fake You is an easy-to-use Text-to-Speech generator. It is an online platform with thousands of your favorite characters and celebrity voices. which also supported garfield's voice.


Key Features:

The list of categories to choose from includes anime, cartoons, games, movies, and more.

it also has different characters voices

Works and generates text-to-speech in a few seconds.

Does not require signing up, and the user can download the audio for free.


  • You can use it on any device through the web browser.

  • It is a free Text-to-speech generator.

  • You can edit the voices for better output.


  • You cannot convert the text to your own recorded voice.

  • You may face delays if you have a slow internet connection.


Garfield's voice is an iconic part of his character, and with the help of text-to-speech AI voice generators, anyone can create their own Garfield voice for their projects. Whether you're creating a cartoon, podcast, or video, Still, it is better to use an online one like TopMediAi- Text-to-Speech,just have a try.

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