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rocketTopMediai AI Music Generator officially released - Create your royalty-free music! Try it Today >>

3 Steps to Generate your Own Music.

  • Step 1: Set Your Preferences.

    Choosing "Description" or "Lyrics", If you don't have a lot of inspiration for the time being, you can choose to have AI randomly generate music under the "L" button.

  • Step 2: Customize the description.

    Customize the "Description" according to your needs, and you can also choose different types of music styles. What's more, don't forget to give your work a satisfactory title!

  • Step 3: Download and share.

    After clicking "Create", you only need to wait for about 100 seconds, and your work will be completed! In addition, you can choose to download or share to Facebook/Twitter/Reddit software.

Generate Music Free Now

200+ Types of Music Styles/Genres for Choosing

  • Hip-Hop Hip-Hop
  • Country Country
  • R&B R&B
  • Sad Sad
  • Happy Happy
  • Energetic Energetic

AI Music Generator for Every Idea

Compose audio accompaniment for videos

AI music generators can produce background music for videos, podcasts, advertisements, and other multimedia content. They provide creators with royalty-free music quickly and affordably.

Generate Music Free Now
Exploration of New Musical Styles

AI music generators can facilitate experimentation and exploration in music composition by generating novel musical styles, genres, and combinations. They provide artists and composers with new sources of inspiration and creativity.

Generate Music Free Now
Craft custom ringtongs

To steer clear of the awkwardness of mistakenly reaching for the wrong ringing phone, why not take advantage of AI Music Generator? With this tool, you can effortlessly generate custom alerts tailored to various moods and genres, including happy, serene, emotive, adventurous, cinematic, and more.

Generate Music Free Now

Tips and Tricks for AI Music Generator

Hear What Our Users Have to Say

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Jennifer Williams

"TopMediai's music generator is fantastic! I used it to create some background tracks, and the results exceeded my expectations. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Highly recommended for anyone needing to create music."

Michael Johnson

"As a music enthusiast, TopMediai's AI music generator provided me with a lot of inspiration. Whether it's electronic or classical music, this tool generates high-quality tracks and has saved me a lot of time."

John Smith

"TopMediai's AI music generator is powerful, but sometimes the generated music styles are a bit repetitive. I hope there will be more customization options in the future to make the music more tailored to individual needs."

James Brown

"I really love the TopMediai music generator! It helps me quickly produce professional-level music, which is perfect for video production and game development. The only downside is that the free version has limited features, so I'm considering upgrading to the paid version."
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FAQs About Creating Music with AI

  • 1. What is AI music creation?

    AI music creation refers to the process of using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to compose, generate, or assist in the creation of music.

  • 2. Can AI create original music?

    Yes, TopMediai can create original music compositions that have never been heard before. While AI models may be trained on existing musical data, they have the ability to generate new melodies, harmonies, and arrangements that are unique and novel.

  • 3. Can AI create music in different styles and genres?

    Yes, TopMediai can create music in a wide range of styles and genres, including classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic, and more. AI models can be trained on diverse musical datasets to learn the characteristics of different styles and generate music accordingly.

  • 4. Are there copyright issues with using AI-generated music?

    There are no copyright issues when using TopMediai to generate music. But, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to pay special attention to music copyright issues.

  • 5. What is the maximum duration of the generated music with TopMediai?

    In about 100 seconds, the AI Music Generator will generate works based on your needs.

  • 6. Is AI-generated music completely free?

    TopMediai has two free trial opportunities. If you want to create more products, you can pay for it.

Get started with TopMediai today.

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  • AI Synthesis Music Makes A New Song of Your Own

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