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Updated: May 18, 2023
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GoAnimate is used for creating attractive animations. GoAnimate does not have any text to speech option feature. For this purpose, you have to use some other tools for scary voice text to speech generation. That's why GoAnimate users use one of the top-class tools for text to speech scary voice generation or any other ai voices that users need.

Scary Voice TTS

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Part 1: What is The GoAnimate?

It is a cloud-based platform for animation. GoAnimate is a Vyond software. If you search GoAnimate, you will find Vyond, not GoAnimate. There is no need for any skills in animation and design. As it is a web-based platform, users only need an internet connection with their computers or laptop to use it.

GoAnimate also gives users step-by-step tutorials in addition to using GoAnimate according to their needs. Users can easily make short videos within minutes after completing these little tutorials.

GoAnimate is also suitable for small to large companies to make videos for their products and services. This excellent scary voice text to-speech tool has a wide flexible, and scalable selection.


Part 2: How to Use Text to Speech on GoAnimate

GoAnimate is an animation tool from Vyond. First of all, you can create animation scenes according to your need. Now select the character for which you want to add voice. There are two options available, text to speech or narrator's voice. Select according to your needs.

If you are a new user of GoAnimate, then Goanimater gives you basic tutorials for learning. How to add text to speech text steps are given below.

How to Steps:

Step 1: First of all, choose a character.

Step 2: Open the dialog box and click on the "Add dialog” button.

Step 3: Select the Text to Speech.

Step 4: Type the sentence or words into the box.

Step 5: Choose voice, language, and accent, then click to generate your converted sound.

Step 6: It will auto-play the resultant audio.

goanimate text to speech

Part 3: Scary Voice Text to Speech Generator Alternative

There is much scary text to speech alternatives in the market. But today, we will discuss the TopMediai for Scary Voice text to speech generator.

1. TopMediai Text to Speech Online

TopMediai Text to Speech Online is one of the trending scary voice text to speech voice generators. You can create and customize your own scary or creep voice or you can use their custom templets with different sound effects and popular voice skins.

The best part of using TopMediai is that it also offers you text to speech feature in which you can also apply different voice skins and download the file so you can use it whenever you want.


Scary Voice TTS

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Key Features:

User can share their converted files or speeches on any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.

There are 3200 voices and 70+ global languages to choose from.

There are many voice editing features like timbre, Pitch, and accent.

It can support multiple platforms, whether a desktop or a smartphone.

There are tons of ai voice of different genre, including characters, cartoon, rappers, spongebob and so on.

Supported parameters to make adjustment, like Pause, Pitch, Volume, Speed & Emphasisc.

Users can also use it as text to speech creepy voice generator.


  • The scary voice on topmediai is very realistic.

  • Multiple formats supported, including wav, mp3.

  • It is 100% free, and all library content and effects are open to using.

  • There is no Installation required, and it only needs a web browser.

  • The scary text to speech convertion is fluent.


  • As we know, it's an online tool that always needs an internet connection for conversion.

Part 4: FAQs About Creepy Voice Generator

Below are the most asked questions about scary voice text to-speech GoAnimate

1 How Do I Get a Scary Text to Speech Voice?

If you want to convert your sound or text file into an audible format, you can find plenty of tools on the internet. If you want more than just the classic scary text to speech, we recommend scary voice text to speech tool TopMediai.

2 How Do I Change My Voice to Scary?

If you want to convert your voice into any fictional character or want to make your voice sounds scary, then TopMediai is the best option for you. It provides you with a vast library of different scary sounds effect. You can choose any sound you prefer free of cost and use it.

3 Which Is the Best Online Scary Voice Text to Speech Generator?

If you want to make your text to speech sounds scary, then you can use various TTS tools available online, but if you don't want to do the hard work of installing the application, then we will suggest you use TopMediai Text to Speech Onlie, which is web-based scary voice text to-speech.

Conclusion In the guide, we covered the best scary voice text to-speech GoAnimate. If you want to convert your text into scary voice speech, you can try the mentioned scary voice text to speech. TopMediai Text to Speech Online is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly tools you can find in the list and online, mainly because of its massive library of popular ai voices.

Scary Voice TTS

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