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How to Create Your Own Fictional Character with AI Art Generator?

Home > AI Art Generator > How to Create Your Own Fictional Character with AI Art Generator?
Daniel Updated: May 5, 2023

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Since AI's prevalence, fictional character images are increasingly popular. People use their own photos to generate a unique character image for social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Fictional character generators use AI to create unique characters for storytelling or gaming.
This article will explore using AI art generators to create fictional characters and unleash creativity.


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Part 1: What is AI Fictional Character?

1. What is AI Fictional Character

AI-generated fictional characters are created using machine learning algorithms to analyze data and patterns. These generators consider various factors such as physical appearance, personality traits, and background information to create fully realized characters.


The use of AI in character creation offers writers, game developers, and creatives a new level of creative freedom. AI-generated characters allow for exploring different possibilities and variations, providing quick and easy solutions for creating characters that fit the desired vision and enhance storytelling or gaming projects.

2. What Should I Do Before Generating an Fictional Character?

Consider the character's personality:

Think about the character's personality traits and how they might influence their appearance.

Determine the overall aesthetic of the character:

Think about the tone and style of your project and how the character fits into it. Consider elements like color scheme, art style, and design motifs.

Gather reference images:

Collect images that inspire you and align with your vision for the character. These can be images of people, animals, or other fictional characters,etc.

Prepare to refine the generated character:

Plan to refine the character as needed, either by tweaking the generated design or by providing additional input to the generator.

Part 2: How to Create My Own Fictional Character: TopMediai AI Art Generator

TopMediai is an AI Art generator with four different painting modes. Upon entering the TopMediai page, you will have a clear view of the detailed introduction and painting styles for each of the four painting modes.


The first step is to consider the prompt, where you describe the character to the AI. The prompt can be abstract, literal, or anything in between, and the more descriptive it is, the more intricate your character will be. Below are four styles for fictional character image and tips that you can refer to.

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Each mode can choose "Text to Image" or "Image to Image", if you want to generate fictional character by uploading pictures, choose "Image to Image" is a better choice.

1. Anime Character

Suggested Anime Character Prompt:

Detailed, Vibrant, Anime Face, Sharp Focus, Anime Character Portrait, Coloful, Male/Female, King/Queen.



2. Ink Dark FANTASY

Suggested Ink Dark FANTASY Prompt:

Dark fantasy, Realistic face, Digital portrait, Intricate armor, Wlop, Stanley artgerm lau, Ilya kuvshinov, Artstation, Octane render, Hyperrealism.



3. Ink Coloful FANTASY

Suggested Ink Dark FANTASY Prompt:

Beautiful D&D character portrait, Colorful fantasy, Detailed, Realistic face, Digital portrait, Intricate armor, Wlop, Stanley artgerm lau.



4. Cartoon Illustration Style

Suggested Ink Dark FANTASY Prompt:

Realistic, Disney style character, Detailed, Digital art, Shining, Cute image, Male/Female.



Part 3 : FAQs about Fictional AI Character Generator

1Can l choose "Text to Image" to generate my fictional character image?

Yes. But using "Image to Image" will make the generated fictional image more in line with your expectations.

2 Is it possible to make an Fictional Character in the four styles mentioned above only by using the prompts you provided?

No. The above prompts are for reference only, you can explore more prompts, and we will also share prompts from time to time.

Conclusion Fictional characters are poised to be increasingly incorporated into our digital existence. They are not just mere visual elements but rather manifestations of our own personas and ideas, and the possibilities for crafting distinctive characters are infinite.
Furthermore, TopMediai AI Art Generator is one of the best AI character generator that it will help you easily generate what kinds of character you want.

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