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[Guide] Make KPOP AI Covers with Kpop AI Cover Generator Free

Home > AI Song & Music > [Guide] Make KPOP AI Covers with Kpop AI Cover Generator Free
Daniel Updated: May 16, 2024

65180 views , 3 min read


Korean pop music, or KPOP, has gained immense popularity worldwide, and many fans are inspired to create their own KPOP song covers.

In this article, l will explore how you can easily make a KPOP cover song using Idol KPOP AI Cover. With the 3 right platforms below, you can showcase your talent and pay homage to your favorite KPOP idol.

kpop ai cover

Rosè Cover Cupid Audition

Part 1: How can l Easily Make a KPOP Cover Song?

Making a KPOP cover song has become more accessible with the help of online platforms and tools. Here are three recommended options:

1 TopMediai - Best Kpop AI Cover Generator

Another excellent resource for creating KPOP cover songs is TopMediai AI Song Cover. This platform offers pre-recorded instrumental versions of various KPOP songs, including "Cupid." By using their high-quality instrumental tracks, you can focus on perfecting your vocals and performance.

topmediai kpop ai cover

TopMediai AI Cover also provides useful tips and tutorials to help you enhance your cover song, making it an invaluable tool for KPOP enthusiasts. As a beginner of AI Cover, it really perfect for me!

Cover it Now

Secure Visit

How to use TopMediai to make kpop ai covers?

Step 1. Visit TopMediai AI Song Cover.

Step 2. Choose an Artist that you want to cover. You can directly search a name or Click on "Korean" or other tab to find a voice you like.

topmediai kpop ai cover

Step 3. Upload the song you want the kpop voice model to cover or paste a YouTube song link.

topmediai upload ai cover audio

Step 4. Then click on "Generate AI Cover."

topmediai generate ai cover

Step 5. Waiting for the result. After finish, you can downlaod and share it. If you are not satisfied with the cover song, you can adjust the pitch and generate it again.

topmediai ai cover result

Some one may ask, all voice model provided are not my type, how can l make Kpop ai cover with my voice or my favorite idol? It is really easy!

Here is the guide on making custom voice kpop ai cover:

Step 1. Click on "My Voice" first to access to Custom voice page.

topmediai custom my voice

Step 2. Click on "Upload Now", and then upload the audio files prepared(it can be your idol's speaking audio, but must be longer than 1 min of each file). Then complete the name of your models and uplaod a avatar(optional). Finally click on "Start Training".

topmediai upload ai cover audio

Step 4. After 1-3 hours, you can get your own kpop voice models!

topmediai custom voice ai cover

Step 5. Waiting for the result. After finish, you can downlaod and share it. If you are not satisfied with the cover song, you can adjust the pitch and generate it again.

topmediai ai cover result

  • Pre-recorded instrumentals.

  • High-quality output.

  • Models and services regularly updated.

  • Tons of Models to Cover.

  • The voice models are popular.

  • Lack of customization options.

Get started >>

2. Covers.ai

Covers.ai is a user-friendly platform that allows you to create KPOP song covers effortlessly. With their extensive library of instrumental tracks and customizable features, you can easily record your vocals and synchronize them with the music.

hether you're a solo artist or part of a group, Covers.ai provides the tools you need to produce high-quality KPOP covers.

covers ai

  • Extensive song catalog.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Simplifies cover creation.

  • Saves time and effort.

  • Limited customization options.

  • Dependence on availability of instrumental tracks.

3. Voicify.ai

On Voicify.ai, you can choose 9000+ voice models, and there are also many Kpop idol voice models. It offers a unique blend of features that cater to both aspiring musicians and experienced artists looking to enhance their creativity.

voicify ai

  • You can combine your voice with AI-generated vocals, adding a personalized touch to your covers.

  • Allows for extensive customization of AI-generated K-pop covers to match your unique style.

  • Ensures high-quality, professional-sounding covers.

  • Convert speed slower than TopMediai and Covers.ai.

  • A little bit expensive than other 2 tools.

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Part 2: What can KPOP Song Cover Do?

From upbeat dance hits to heartfelt ballads, or English songs to Korean Song, KPOP covers allow you to showcase your vocal abilities and interpretation skills.

Whether you prefer to recreate the iconic dance moves or add a unique vocal arrangement, the possibilities are endless.

KPOP songs cover are not limited to a specific genre or artist, giving you the freedom to explore various styles and showcase your creativity.

Experience TopMediai AI cover KPOP and discover its various application forms. Effortlessly transform your favorite KPOP stars into AI song covers with ease.

ai cover kpop

Part 3: What is the most Covered K-pop Song?

No doubt! The most popular cover song is "Cupid" by by Fifty Fifty. With its infectious melody and energetic choreography, "Cupid" has inspired numerous KPOP cover artists to showcase their skills.

ai cover kpop

In addition to Cupid Kpop Song, the following songs are also covered by many people:

"Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" by BLACKPINK

"Fire" by BTS


"Gangnam Style" by PSY

"Love Scenario" by iKON

Part 4: FAQs about KPOP AI Cover

1 Why is there so much English in Kpop songs?

English is prevalent in K-pop songs to appeal to a global audience, increase accessibility, and facilitate cross-cultural collaborations. It enhances international appeal and allows artists to connect with a wider range of listeners.

2 Why are K-pop songs in all caps?

K-pop songs are often written in all caps for aesthetic appeal, emphasis, branding, and recognition. The use of all capital letters enhances visual impact, conveys intensity, maintains consistency, and aligns with genre conventions, reflecting the energetic and vibrant nature of K-pop music.

3 Why K-pop fans still buy cds even when they can not play them?

K-pop fans purchase CDs despite the inability to play them to support artists, collect exclusive merchandise, and experience a sense of nostalgia. It's a way to show dedication, possess tangible representation, and connect with their favorite music and artists.

4 Why is K-pop better than J pop?

The superiority of K-pop or J-pop is subjective, as both genres have unique qualities. K-pop is known for polished production and international appeal, while J-pop often showcases diverse music styles and Japanese cultural elements. Preference depends on personal taste.

Conclusion Above 3 platforms provide you with the means to create high-quality KPOP song covers that are as close to the original idols' performances as possible. Making a KPOP AI cover is an exciting way to express your passion for KPOP music and showcase your talent to a wide audience. With platforms like Covers.ai, Voicify.ai and TopMediai AI Cover, creating professional-quality KPOP covers has become more accessible than ever. If you want to make custom voice kpop ai cover, TopMediai must be you best choice!

Whether you choose to cover a popular hit or explore lesser-known tracks, the KPOP community eagerly awaits your unique interpretations.

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