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How to Remove Background on Snapseed - 4 Specific Methods and Best Alternative

Home > Image Background > How to Remove Background on Snapseed - 4 Specific Methods and Best Alternative
Daniel Updated: February 22, 2024

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Snapseed removes background of images; then why is this software so popular among professional editors? Removing image backgrounds is what most professional editors and individuals do every now and then. Whether it’s removing backgrounds or changing background colors, Snapseed is quite popular among Android and iPad users.

We will discuss how to remove the background on Snapseed and what alternatives we can switch to. So let’s get into it.

remove snapseed background

Part 1: Tutorial about How to Remove Background in Snapseed

Snapseed by Google, as you might have heard, was originally developed by Nik Software. However, Google bought Nik in 2012, making this iPad-dedicated software available to Android users. 

We will discuss four different methods of removing or replacing backgrounds as well as objects using Snapseed.

remove snapseed background


    Hunting for a tool to erase image background? Why not try a professional remover TopMediai to remove backgrounds 100% Auto with AI-powered Technology within 5 secs in 1 click.

1 Snapseed Remove Background - Ideal Tool for Android and iPhone

Snapseed by Google is a popular photo editing tool available for both Android and iOS users. Snapseed is hyped as the ideal tool for Android and iPhone users to remove image backgrounds.

Whether you want to edit the raw photos, add filters, enhance the exposure, remove backgrounds, replace objects, etc., you can do it in Snapseed.

After analyzing the user reviews and our personal experience, it’s safe to say that Snapseed is an exceptionally powerful photo editing tool for Android and iOS users. 

Key Features

Available for Android and Apple Users.

Finger slider feature for changing ranges during editing.

Tools like spot repair, brush, lens blur, zoom control.

Presets for quick editing.

Very competitive app as compared to paid software.

  • Photo editing easy on a smartphone

  • Ability to edit RAW files

  • A go-to tool for the beginners as well as professional photo editors.

  • Free software

  • It will take some time to get accustomed to the app tools.

  • If you’re new to photo editing and know nothing about the basics, the app is not for you.

  • Social network integration is not effective.

Here is a step-by-step guide on removing background in Snapseed:

Step 1. Install The Application.

The first step is to download the software from Google Playstore on your Android smartphone.

Step 2. Upload The Image.

Once downloaded the application, launch it and upload the image using the + shown on the screen.

remove image watermark

Step 3. Select Brush Tool.

Click on the tools and select the brush tool for further editing of the image. Once you’ve selected the brush tool, click on Dodge and Burn to remove the background on Snapseed.

snapseed select brush tool

Step 4. Dodge and Burn.

You can set the intensity of the dodge tool by -10 or +10. The higher the intensity, more clearer the background will be.

snapseed dodge and burn

Step 5. Save The File.

Once there, hit the checkmark at the bottom to save the changes and export the file to your smartphone.

2 How to Remove Background Objects Using Snapseed?

Snapseed is a software owned by Google, and it is a blessing for professional photo editors trying to edit photos on smartphones. When discussing how to remove background on Snapseed, we can’t ignore removing objects in Snapseed.

It’s a comparable software to Lightroom and Photoshop for its numerous photo editing and adjustment tools.

Blurring the backgrounds, color correction, healing adjustments, fixing double-exposure images, HDR effects, etc., make it above-average software for mobile users.

Here is a step-by-step guide on removing background objects in Snapseed:

Step 1. Upload The Images.

Launch snapseed on your smartphone and upload the image by using the + on the home screen.

Step 2. Select The Healing Tool.

Once you’ve uploaded the image, click on the Tools and go to Healing Tool with an icon of bandage. You can use the healing tool to remove any tiny or big object from your images.

snapseed select the healing tool

Step 3. Select The Objects You Want To Remove.

You can remove as small as the paper on the road in the picture given below. Zoom in the picture and mark the area on the picture where paper is thrown.

As soon as you lift a finger, the paper will be gone from the image.

snapseed select the objects

Step 4. Export The File To Your Smartphone.

Save the changes made to the image by clicking on the checkmark and exporting the file to your smartphone.

snapseed export the file


Google owns Snapseed, and it’s free to use all features of the application, whether on Android or Apple devices.

3 How to Make Background Black or White in Snapseed?

We have discussed the usefulness of Snapseed in removing background from the images. But do you know how to make the background black or white in Snapseed?

We are going to discuss the process of converting the background to black using Snapseed.

The professional editors using the software rate it as the most effective tool for mobile photo editing.

However, you might want to switch to PC versions of other applications for advanced editing and cutting out features.

How to Remove Background From Snapseed and Make It Black?

Step 1. Upload The Image.

Launch the application and upload the image by clicking on the + icon.

Step 2. Use Healing Tool To Remove Unwanted Details.

First, you will need to eliminate unnecessary details in the background by using the healing tool. Select the parts and smoothen the background of the image.

Step 3. Choose the Selective Tool.

Once there, go back to Tools and choose the Selective Tool for further editing. Increase or decrease the focus area in the background to make it dark(black).

remove image watermark

Step 4. Lower The Brightness.

The next step is to decrease the overall brightness of the image. Use the slider to decrease the brightness until the point where the background is black.

Step 5. Save The File.

Save the changes and export the file to your smartphone.

remove image watermark


Google owns Snapseed, and it’s free to use all features of the application, whether on Android or Apple devices.

4 How to Change Background with Snapseed?

Snapseed is a comparable software to Lightroom and Photoshop for its numerous photo editing and adjustment tools.

Blurring the backgrounds, color correction, healing adjustments, fixing double-exposure images, HDR effects, etc., make it above-average software for mobile users. We have discussed using Snapseed to remove the background. Let’s move on to changing the background with Snapseed.

How Do you change the image background with Snapseed?

Step 1. Upload the Background Image.

Upload the image by clicking on + to the Snapseed.

Step 2. Select Double Exposure and Upload Foreground.

Go to tools and select Double Exposure for adding the foreground image that’s background has to be removed. Click on + and upload the second image.

You can zoom in and out to adjust where you want to place the object in the new background.

remove image watermark

Step 3. Darken the Foreground Image.

Click on the image options, darken the foreground image, and hit the checkmark button.

Step 4. Edit Double Exposure Image From Layers.

Click on the layers icon on the top of the screen and click on view edits. Tap on double exposure and edit for further editing.

remove image watermark

Step 5. Remove The Background Of the Front Image.

Now start removing the background of the front image with the help of fingers after setting the exposure to 0. Once you’re satisfied with the results, click on the checkmark at the right bottom.

Step 6. Save The File.

Export the file with the new background to your smartphone.

remove image watermark

Part 2: Best Alternative without Application - TopMediai BG Eraser Online

Does Snapseed background removal, object removal, and background changing sound complicated? We have a very straightforward and quick tool for you to remove the image background.

TopMediai BG Eraser Online is an online platform that lets you get rid of image background instantly.

You don’t have to do manual dodge and burn, double exposure, etc., to separate the objects from the image. There’s no need to download the software; it can be assessed through any device.

Key Features

A user-friendly tool without any requirement to download the application.

No technical knowledge is needed to use the tool.

The AI-powered tool is very accurate in detecting and removing the background of images in a single click.

Free tool.

How to utilize TopMediai BG Eraser Online to Remove Background

Step 1. Go to the Website.

Visit the website of TopMediai BG Eraser Online here:

remove image background

Step 2. Upload the Image.

Upload the image you want to remove background from by tapping on the upload image option or the drag-and-drop feature of the online background remover tool.

remove image watermark

Step 3. Remove Background Now.

Once you have uploaded the file, click on Remove Background Button. The AI-powered tool will accurately detect and delete the background of the image.

topmediai remove dog image background

Step 4. Edit and Change Background.

Once the background has been removed, you can edit the file to add a colored background or new background or improve the results of the background removal.

topmediai change dog image background

Step 5. Export the image.

Once satisfied, download the edited image to your device(smartphone, laptop, PC, etc.)

Part 3: FAQs about Removing Background in Snapseed

1How can I change the white Background in Snapseed?

You can change the white background in Snapseed by following one of the four procedures we have discussed for removing the background or changing the image background in Snapseed.

2How do you remove background objects in Snapseed?

Objects can be easily removed from the images using Snapseed. The healing tool in Snapseed is dedicated to removing any unwanted objects, no matter how big or small in an image.

3How can I remove the image background online without downloading software?

You can rely on TopMediai BG Remover Online to get rid of the image background without downloading any software. We have shared the complete process of removing backgrounds with TopMediai.


We have discussed the complicated method of removing backgrounds using Snapseed on smartphones. We also discussed the best alternative to Snapseed for online background removal.

But if you want a go-to tool for your Windows or macOS that is quick and swift, you should go for TopMediai BG Eraser Online. This tool is powerful for removing backgrounds from images, video editing, objects, and much more.

Try out down below for free!

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