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How To Remove Background From Picture In Google Slides

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Daniel Updated: August 2, 2022

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Google Slides is a great initiative from Google. It enables the user to make presentations from anywhere with any laptop or PC. It is an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. You might be surprised to know that we can remove background from pictures in Google Slides. Although it is not an image editing tool, it can do the job with perfection. In this article, we will discuss how the user can remove background from pictures in Google Slides and how to make it transparent. We will also discuss a few other tools that can help the user to remove any background from a picture easily.

remove background google slide

Part 1: How to Make Image Background Transparent in Google Slides

1.1 All You Need to Know about Making a Background Transparent in Google Slides

Google Slides is simpler than PowerPoint. It is because all the things are available in the toolbars surrounding the slides. Whereas in PowerPoint, the user needs to navigate through options to reach an adjustment or setting. 

When we upload any picture in Google Slides, it is so prominent that words cannot be seen through it. To make the words appear and look brighter and readable, we need to make the image background transparent. It is an easy process, and anyone can do it. 

Here are the steps to make the background transparent in Google Slides.

Step 1: Open Google Slides on your browser and log into your Google Account. Now, you will see a slide in the middle and all the settings and toolbars surrounding it. Upload the image that you want to use in your presentation.

Step 2: Once the image is uploaded, you will see it is bright and vibrant. Left-click on the image to select it and go to “Format options”. Under the title of “Adjustments”, you will see three options, namely transparency, brightness, and contrast. 

google slide option

Step 3: Click on “Transparency” and increase it to make the image background transparent and the words readable. Adjust according to your requirements and needs.

Step 4: Take the corners of the image and adjust the size according to your slides. You can also change the position of slides with the help of arrow keys. To make the image background of your slide, right-click on the image, choose the option of “Order”, and click on “Send to back”. Now, the image is set as the background of your slide.

google slide send to back

Step 5: Moreover, if you want this image to be the background of every slide in a particular presentation, right-click on the image, choose “Theme”, and then click on “New Theme”. Now, if you create a new slide, every slide will have this image as its background.

google slide new theme

1.2 How to Make Multiple Images Transparent in Google Slides

We have discussed the steps to make an image background transparent on Google Slides. But what if there are multiple images and the user wants to use all the images and make them transparent at once. Yes, there is an easy way in which the user can make multiple images transparent in Google Slides besides doing it one by one.

Step 1: First, upload all the images at once to the slide that you want to use. Now, arrange the images as you want. To make all the images transparent at once, select all the images by clicking on them and then click on “Arrange” and choose the option “Group”. All your images are now considered as a single group.

google slide arrange

Step 2: To make it transparent, go to “Format Options > Adjustments” and adjust the transparency of the group images. 

Step 3: However, to make the words readable and vibrant, you would want to send this image background to the back. Choose the image, right-click on it, go to “Order”, and then click on “Send to back”. It will make the words appear more vibrant. 

Step 4: In case the user wants to send a single image to another slide or change the size or position of a single image, the user will need to ungroup the images. After ungrouping, all the images will appear as a single image, and any changes can be made to them. After the changes, group them again if you want.

Part 2: An Alternative Easy Way to Remove Image Background for Google Slides Online

2.1 TopMediAI BG Eraser -- Best Background Removal Solutions

If the user wants to remove the image background, then there is an alternative way to do so. TopMediai BG Eraser is an online tool that is specifically developed for the sole purpose of removing the image background. It is an online tool, and the user doesn’t need to download and install it on the computer. 

TopMediai BG Eraser uses AI technology to detect the subject and the background. Then it removes the background easily with just a click. Let us see how we can remove the image background using TopMediai BG Eraser.


Step 1: As you go to TopMediai BG Eraser Online website. You will see the option of “Upload Image”. The user can either browse the image or drag and drop the image on the website.

remove image background

Step 2: After uploading the image, the tool will ask the user to remove the background. Click on “Remove Background”, and the tool will start processing the image to get rid of the background.

topmediai remove background

Step 3: Once the background is removed, the user can either download the image or edit it by adding an alternative background or colors.

Step 4: Click on “Edit”, choose the default background or upload your custom image and set it as the new background of the image. If you like the new background and the image, click on “Download” to save it to your computer.

topmediai change background

Key Features

TopMediai BG Eraser can remove the background with one click.

The user can also edit the image and add a new background to the image.

It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for the users to operate it.

Watch the video to learn more about TopMediai BG Eraser online .
TopMediai BG Eraser Online

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Part 3: 2 More Methods to Make Transparent Background for Google Slides

3.1 Remove bg

Remove bg is another website that enables the user to get rid of the background without any problem. It is an alternative to TopMediai BG Eraser and works pretty much the same. It also uses AI to remove the image background.

Step 1: Go to Remove bg website. Click on “Upload Image” to import the image or drop the image file here to get started with background removal.

removebg website remove background

Step 2: The website will automatically start to process the image and present you the image with a transparent background. The user can download the image by clicking on the “Download” option.

Step 3: If the user wants, a new background can be added to the image. Click on “Edit”, and the tool will show a variety of background options. The user can also upload an image to make a new background for the image. When done, click on “Download” to save the image with a new background.

removebg remove background result

Key Features

It is easy to use.

Removes background automatically.

The user can add blur or colorful background to the image.

3.2 Aiseesoft

Aiseesoft is the last online on our list that is capable of removing the background of an image seamlessly. It is a completely free tool and has an easy user interface. The user doesn’t have to be a technical person to understand its works. It is a secure website that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Step 1: Open the Aiseesoft website. Click on “Upload Portrait” to browse the image. Or the user can also drag and drop the image here. However, it does not support any image with a width or height above 3000px.

aiseesoft official website

Step 2: The online tool will then process the image and remove the background efficiently. The tool portrays both the before and after images so the user can see them.

Step 3: The user can then click on “Download” to save the image or click on “Edit” to add some editing touches to it.

aiseesoft download image

Key Features

AI-supported automatic background removing technology.

Contains AI portrait recognition technology that understands the person and the background.

Supports different image formats.

Allow the user a real-time preview of the image.

Part 4: FAQs about Removing Background in Google Slides

1Can I crop photos in Google Slides?

A.1) Yes. When you upload the photo to Google Slides, select the image and go to “Format Options”. Here, you will see an option of “Size and Rotation”. Define or adjust the size of the image to crop it.

2Can I change the color of my images in Google Slides?

A.2) Yes. You can also change the color of your images in Google Slides. Select the image, go to “Format Options”, and then click on “Recolor”. Here, you will see different color images. Choose any color to which you want to change it.

3Is there any alternative for erasing the background in Google Slides?

A.3) No. But other tools can do the job for Google Slides. The user can go to the TopMediAI BG Eraser website and use this tool to erase the background of the image.


In this article, we have discussed how the user can make the image background transparen in Google Slides. Moreover, the user can make the background of multiple images transparent at once as well. There are also a few online tools that are free and can remove the image background with ease. Such a tool is TopMediai BG Eraser. This tool is simple, and the user can get rid of the background with just a click and also add a new background easily as well. Go to the TopMediai BG Eraser website and start removing image backgrounds.

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