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How to Easily Get an Acapella from Song [Win/Mac/Android/iOS]

Home > Vocal Remover > How to Easily Get an Acapella from Song [Win/Mac/Android/iOS]
Daniel Updated: October 11, 2023

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Acapella music, with its stripped-down vocals and harmonies, has become increasingly popular across various music genres. Whether you're a budding artist looking to remix a track or just a music enthusiast who wants to enjoy the isolated vocals of your favorite song, obtaining an acapella from a song can be an exciting endeavor.

Here is a detailed info of the best online acapella solutions and guide you on how to easily extract acapella tracks from songs on both PC and mobile devices.

how to get acapella from song

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Part 1: Other Recommended Vocal Remover to Remove Vocal and BGM

1TopMediai Vocal Remover

TopMediai Vocal Remover is a powerful online tool designed to effortlessly remove vocals from your favorite songs. Whether you're a musician, DJ, or simply a music enthusiast, this tool offers an easy way to obtain clean acapella tracks from existing songs. With its user-friendly interface and advanced vocal removal technology, TopMediai Vocal Remover is a top choice for those seeking high-quality vocal isolation.

User Rating: 4.9

topmediai vocal remover

Steps of using TopMediai Vocal Remover to Make an Acapella:

Step 1: Visit TopMediai Vocal Remover and click 'Upload' button to import a song from device.

topmediai vocal remover step 1

Step 2: Separate vocals from music in few seconds automatic with AI.

topmediai vocal remover step 2

Step 3: Preview and save the extracted vocal/bgm/ instrumental track, and the vocal part can be your acapella song.

topmediai vocal remover step 3

Key Features

Advanced vocal removal technology.

Supports various audio formats.

User-friendly interface.

Works on both Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

5-track high speed separation.

  • High-quality vocal isolation.

  • Fast processing speed.

  • Batch processing for multiple songs.

  • Affordable pricing options.

  • Free to use.

  • Internet connection required for processing.

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Media.io Vocal Remover is an online solution that allows you to extract vocals from songs without the need for any software downloads or installations. This user-friendly tool supports a variety of audio formats and offers a quick and hassle-free way to create acapella tracks. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Media.io provides accessibility and simplicity in one package.

User Rating: 4.5

media io vocal remover

Here is how to use Media.io and get an instrumental track of any song:

Step 1: Upload Audio File

media io vocal remover

Step 2: Separate Vocals From A Song, Once the upload is completed, the platform powered with AI technology will start working on the track to separate vocals and music.

Step 3: Preview the file, and save it on your device.

media io vocal remover

Key Features

Supports various audio formats.

No installation or software downloads required.

Simple and intuitive interface.

  • Accessible from any device with an internet connection.

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Not offer as precise vocal isolation as premium tools.

  • Limited customization options.

  • Paid before using.


UniConverter is a comprehensive media toolkit that goes beyond vocal removal. In addition to extracting vocals from songs, it offers a wide range of video and audio conversion options, making it a versatile choice for multimedia enthusiasts. With its built-in video editor and compatibility with both Windows and Mac, UniConverter is an all-in-one solution for your audio and video needs.

User Rating: 4.1


Here is how to use UniConverter to get acapella from a song:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website: Visit the online UniConverter from your device's browser.

Step 2: Upload The Files: Tap on Choose Files and select the audio from which you want to get acapella. You can also directly upload a file from cloud storage or YouTube.

Step 3: Get Acapella From A Song: Once you upload the file, the AI technology starts processing the file to isolate the vocals from the music. You will get the file with insrtumental and vocal separately in a few seconds.

Step 4: Download The Vocals On Your Device: Since you want acapella from the song, tap on download next to Vocals File, and your file will be downloaded on the device.

Key Features

Comprehensive media toolkit.

Supports video and audio conversion.

Built-in video editor.

Compatible with Windows and Mac.

  • Offers a wide range of multimedia tools.

  • High-quality vocal extraction.

  • Batch processing capabilities.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Paid software with a free trial.

  • Requires installation.

Part 2: Get An Acapella From Song On PC

1Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a professional-grade audio editing software known for its advanced features and precise control over audio manipulation. Musicians, audio engineers, and content creators often turn to Adobe Audition for its exceptional vocal isolation capabilities. While it may have a steeper learning curve, it provides unparalleled audio quality and a comprehensive suite of audio editing tools.

User Rating: 4.8

adobe audition

Here is how to capitalize on the app and remove vocals from a song:

Step 1: Import The Song: Install Adobe Audition on your PC, launch it, and open the song by tapping on file > Import > Choose file.

adobe audition vocal remover

Step 2: Adjust Settings For Vocal Removal: Go to Effects > Stereo Imagery > Center Channel Extractor, the new menu will open, and you will click on Effect Presets > Dropdown Menu > Acapella

adobe audition vocal remover

Step 3: Frequency Range: Click on FFT size in the same menu and select the value of 8192 from the dropdown menu. Go to Frequency Range and adjust it to reduce high-end and low-end mixes not related to the vocals. Then click and drag the Center Channel Level slider to the left to lower the volume of the vocal until you can just hear the instrumental track. Once satisfied, click on Ok to apply the effects.

adobe audition vocal remover

Step 4: Save The File.

Key Features

Professional audio editing software.

Advanced vocal isolation capabilities.

Wide range of audio effects and editing tools.

Suitable for music producers and audio engineers.

  • Exceptional audio quality.

  • Precise control over vocal extraction.

  • Extensive audio editing capabilities.

  • Industry-standard software.

  • Steeper learning curve for beginners.

  • Relatively high cost for a full license.


MVSep is a dedicated acapella extraction software designed for users who want a straightforward and efficient way to remove vocals from songs. With real-time preview options and support for various audio formats, MVSep is an accessible choice for those with limited audio editing experience. It offers quick and reliable results without the need for complex settings.

User Rating: 4.2

mvsep voice separation

Here is how to use MVSep to separate the voice from the music for free:

Step 1: Upload Audio File.

Visit the official website of MVSep here and tap on upload audio files to get started. Make sure that you are uploading the file in one of the allowed formats.

Step 2: Choose Separation Type, Once uploaded, choose the separation type.

To do this, tap on Separation type and select Spleeter(Vocal, music) from the dropdown menu. Also, choose the output encoding as mp3, wav, or FLAC. Tap on 'I am not a robot' to start the separation process. Finally, hit the Separate Button.

mvsep vocal remover

Step 3: Download Acapella From A Song, The processing will start, and as soon as the file is available for download, you can save it on your device.

mvsep vocal remover

Key Features

Dedicated acapella extraction software.

Real-time preview of vocal separation.

Easy-to-use interface.

Supports multiple audio formats.

  • Quick and efficient vocal extraction.

  • Suitable for users with limited audio editing experience.

  • Affordable pricing.

  • May not achieve the same level of precision as Adobe Audition.

  • Limited additional features compared to professional software.

Part 3: Get An Acapella From Song On PC

1Acapella Maker for Android

Acapella Maker for Android is a user-friendly mobile app for Android devices that lets you create acapella tracks on the go. It simplifies the process of vocal isolation and supports importing music from your device. With Acapella Maker, you can experiment with various audio effects and enjoy the creative freedom of making acapella renditions of your favorite songs.

User Rating: 4.0

acapella maker for android

How to exactly get acapella from a song on Acapella Maker?

Step 1: Installation: Go to the Google Play Store to find the Acapella Maker and install the application on Android.

Step 2: Select Recording Layout: Launch the app, and choose the recording layout for the video collage. To get the premium layouts, you will have to pay the price.

Step 3: Upload File: choosing the recording duration and uploading the local audio file you want to sing. And if you want to make your own acapella, you can choose to record audio along with a video. However, you would have to ensure that you have got acapella from a song using an online acapella extractor.

Step 4: Record The Acapella Song: Once everything is set, it's time to record your video and sing along with the uploaded vocals. Once you have completed the recording, tap on create button.

Step 5: Save Your Acapella.

Key Features

User-friendly mobile app.

Supports importing music from your device.

Allows for easy vocal isolation.

Offers various audio effects.

  • Convenient for on-the-go acapella creation.

  • Fun and creative app.

  • Free to use with in-app purchases.

  • Limited audio editing capabilities.

  • Some features may require a premium subscription.

2Acapella From PicPlayPost

Acapella From PicPlayPost is a versatile app available for both Android and iOS users. Beyond extracting vocals, it allows you to combine videos with acapella audio, making it ideal for multimedia projects and social media sharing. With its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility, this app offers a fun and creative way to work with acapella music on your mobile device.

User Rating: 3.9

topmediai vocal remover

Here is how to make Acapella songs using the PicPlayPost Acapella:

Step 1: Installation

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search the app. Install the app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Synchronize Microphone and Camera

Once installed, launch the app and tap on record a new video to synchronize the microphone and camera by hitting allow button.

Step 3: Adjust Settings

Before you start making acapella videos, adjust the settings like aspect ratio, recording layout, and video duration. Tap on Next.

Step 4: Record the Video

Tap on the plus to open the camera and then hit record to start making the acapella song.

Step 5: Save The File

Once you have completed the recording, save the file on your device.

Key Features

Cross-platform compatibility.

Supports both Android and iOS devices.

Allows for combining videos with acapella audio.

Social sharing features.

  • Versatile app for multimedia projects.

  • Great for sharing acapella creations on social media.

  • Some features require a premium subscription.

  • Not as advanced as desktop software for vocal extraction.

Part 4: FAQs about Getting an Acapella from a Song

1 What is an acapella, and why would I want to extract it from a song?

An acapella is a vocal-only version of a song, without any instrumental accompaniment. People extract acapellas from songs for various purposes, including remixing, karaoke, music production, and studying vocal techniques.

2 Are there any tips for achieving the best results when extracting acapellas?

To achieve the best results, start with high-quality source audio, experiment with different tools, and adjust settings carefully. It's also helpful to have some knowledge of audio editing and mixing techniques.

3 Can I extract acapellas from any song, or are there limitations?

You can generally extract acapellas from most songs, but the quality of the extraction may vary depending on factors like the complexity of the music, the quality of the source audio, and the tools or software you use.

Conclusion l have shared multiple solutions and apps you can capitalize on to get an acapella from a song. However, if we have to choose one, TopMediai Vocal Remover is the best one for isolating the vocals from a song. It’s a single-click solution that requires no downloading or installation.

Above all, it is powered with AI-technology that is very efficient in separating vocals and music. Start exploring the magic of isolated vocals in your music projects or for pure listening pleasure. Happy acapella extracting!

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