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AI Metal Music Generator: Craft Your Own Metal Music

Home > AI Song & Music > AI Metal Music Generator: Craft Your Own Metal Music
Daniel Updated: July 24, 2024

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Metal music finds its roots back in the 1960s - marking a significant point in the evolution of rock music. Since then, till now, this music genre hasn't left a single chance to shock listeners. That rhythm, metallic vibes, and all that excitement of rock music together make fans addicted to listening over and over.

If you are in the same boat and want to make your metal music, an AI metal music generator is the tool you need. Wondering how? Hop inside this comprehensive guide to find out!

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AI Metal Music Generator

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Part 1: What’s an AI Metal Music Generator?

AI metal music generator is an innovative tool that allows the creation of guitar riffs and chord progressions. Not only this, but it can also create bass lines, bass drums, complex drum fills, and blast beats to complement guitar riffs. All you need is inspiration translated into a description. The rest is left to this AI tool to use certain algorithms for mixing and matching beats to generate your desired metallic soundtrack. Once you have AI generated metal music, you can use it as your background music in songs. Just bring some variation and be creative; you won't feel short of possibilities.

Part 2: AI Metal Music Generator Recommend

A diverse variety of AI Music generators offering metal music generation services might leave you wondering which one you should pick. Understanding this, we have curated a list of our top recommendations for AI metal music generators. Let’s have a look at them!

1 The Best of All in 2024-TopMediai AI Music Generator

First on our list is TopMediai AI Music Generator! This innovative platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to make AI metal music generation a piece of cake. Not only this, but its advanced algorithms also ensure you always get what you desire. However, you must ensure your description is effective.

The best part about TopMediai AI metal music generator is that it gives two versions of AI generated metal music for each description. This means you can choose between two different versions of metal music generated from a single description. How amazing!

Please follow these simple steps to make the finest music based on your suggestions.

topmediaiai music generator

Step 1: To begin, go to the TopMediai AI Music Generator website. Enter your song description into the "Song Description" box, as shown below. You may also select Lyrics and write them to create a song based on your lyrics.

Step 2: Click the Create button and allow the TopMediai AI generated metal music to do its magic.

topmediai ai music generation result

Step 3: Wait up to 2 minutes for the results, then listen to and choose between the two options. You can download the file to listen to or work on later or share it right from the results page.

topmediai ai music share

Key Features

Advanced AI algorithms will create the best songs and unique metal music that compete with the best out there.

It is one of the simplest interfaces, requiring little input and generating two music versions each time.

Easy music creation and sharing on various social media platforms.

Music Square provides you with high-quality songs updated in real time. You can publish, collect, and listen music freely.

With a vast library of 2000+ songs, including Ambient Background SoundRemix MusicNational Anthem,available in 200+ music styles.

topmediai text to speech

TopMediai AI Music Generator for Every Idea

AI generated metal music, it's creative and affordable.

Try It Free


If you are interested in obtaining royalty-free AI-generated metal music, you must check out SOUNDRAW! This platform enables users to generate metal music based on mood. All you need to do is enter mood, type, and length, along with a short, practical description, to get your personalized metal music generated.

soundraw ai music

How to Use Soundraw?

Step 1: Go to the Soundraw website, click on "Create Music," and then choose the length of your song, up to 5 minutes, the Mood, the Tempo, and so on.

click on create music

Step 2: Once done with the selection, download your music with the following button.

download music

Key Features

Create songs in a couple of minutes

with a top-notch selection of various genres and music like pop, Jazz, and DJ tracks.

There is no need to describe or explain when you can pick and choose.

3 Freshbots

Lastly, we have Freshbots! This platform is widely known for generating metal song lyrics. Though it doesn’t generate metal music, it offers such impressive lyrics that you can paste them into the description of tools like TopMediai or SOUNDRAW to generate your desired metal song.

How to Use Freshbots?

Step 1: Visit their official page and start entering prompts as shown. You need to provide a topic or two that has an overarching theme. Though optional, enter the first line of the song. Finally choose Genre and click Generate.

choose genre and click generate

Step 2: Based on your prompts, the tool will generate metal song lyrics.

generate resulu

Key Features

Its diversity of song structures is What sets it apart from others.

The tool supports a plethora of metal-related words, phrases, and topics.

You can even customize your song according to a specific theme, be it mythology, rebellion, or darkness.

Part 3: Brief History of Metal Music

Metal music originated in blues, rock, and 1960s psychedelic rock. Its main characteristics were thrilling guitar riffs, robust vocals, and up-tempo drums. Some of the leading brands in metal music’s history include Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and xLed Zeppelin.

Primarily, bands were experimenting with metal soundtracks to create harder and more aggressive music. Later on, in 1970, the trend took a big shift with the release of Black Sabbath. It was when metal music found its direction and began to shape into a distinct music genre.

Over the years, the metal music genre has evolved into multiple subgenres, such as black metal, death metal, and thrash metal. Now, AI integration has opened doors to endless possibilities, paving the way for innovative metal music generation.

Part 4: FAQs about AI Metal Music Generator

1What Input Does an AI Metal Music Generator Require?

AI metal music generator requires descriptive input, either in the form of a prompt describing the type of song you need or just lyrics with a description of the tone or voice you require. Some generators also enable setting the mood, tone, and theme of the music for efficient results.

2Are AI Metal Music Generators Easier to Use?

It entirely depends on the tool you use. If you are looking for an AI music generator with a user-friendly interface and robust features, be sure to check TopMediai AI metal music generator.

3What’s The Best AI Metal Music Generator for Beginners?

Hear us shouting TopMediai AI metal music generator. This platform comes equipped with a diverse voice library and advanced algorithms capable of generating end-level songs and music. Aside from these robust features, TopMediai also has an easy-to-use interface. That’s what makes it an ideal bet for beginners.

Conclusion In this article, we discussed in detail how you can use AI metal music generator tools. Most of these tools require simple prompts and can develop unique music.

It is highly recommended that you use a tool like TopMediai AI Music Geneator is the best AI metal music generator that can give you great ideas for songs. Try the tool today and share it with friends to start your music journey.

TopMediai AI Music Generator

AI metal music generator


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