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How to Use YouTube AI Music Generator and Its Best Alternative Guide

Home > AI Song & Music > How to Use YouTube AI Music Generator and Its Best Alternative Guide
Daniel Updated: July 24, 2024

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Every tech company and IT giant has now experimented with OpenAI and wants to include it in their services. Recently, Google jumped into the fray with its YouTube AI music generator called Dream Track. Now, what is Dream Track, and how can you use it? We will discuss these points in the article and give you a YouTube music AI generator alternative.

youtube ai music generator intro

YouTube AI Music Generator

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Part 1: What Is the New YouTube AI Music Generator?

The YouTube AI music generator is Google's latest experimental endeavor in the AI-powered tech scene. At the moment, this tool can only create 30-second shorts, which will be linked to the app's shorts feed.

The "Dream Track" currently has nine amazing artists whose voices you can use in this AI generated music YouTube app. The following are the artists that have agreed so far to be part of this:

Create nine artists' voices with AI generated music YouTube.

1.Alec Benjamin: Alec Benjamin is a singer-songwriter from Arizona, US, and is most well known for the "End of Summer" song's fame while regularly writing for Jon Bellion. He was one of the first to sign up for YouTube AI music generator and lent his voice.

2.Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato is the second artist to lend her voice to the YouTube music AI generator. She is pretty famous for her role in "Barney and Friends" and has starred in many teen flicks, such as Camp Rockk 1 and 2.

3.T-Pain: He is the first rapper on the AI generated music YouTube debut, so those who love rap music and want to make songs in his voice rejoice! Now, you can create your creations in his amazing voice.

4.Charlie Puth: Musician, songwriter, singer, and more, Charlie Puth is known for making music out of any sound or instrument and is thus a must-have on this list.

5.John Legend: No wonder YouTube AI Generator Music signed him up. He is pretty well known, working in the background with legends such as Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and many more.

6.Charli XCX: Many might not know this amazing British artist, but her star has been on the rise since the days of My Space. With her signing up with YouTube AI music generator, she will shine brighter than ever.

7.Troye Sivan: The first Australian on this list who signed up for an AI generator on YouTube, it is fitting that he supports it, as he was initially picked up for a contract due to his YouTube popularity.

8.Sia: Sia Kate, another Australian yet, is the first jazz singer and musician on the list. A pretty unique bunch that have signed up for this new gig on YouTube.

9.Papoose: The second rapper on this list, though, has a style quite different from T-Pain's, so you have different options to make your song as unique as you want.

youtube ai music generator who to use

Who to Use YouTube Music AI Generator?

This amazing YouTube AI generator music tool uses Google's powerful Deep Mind, which uses Lyria, an advanced music generation model. As it is still in the beta stage, the tool can only create 30 seconds of tracks.You can use text-to-speech, like dialog boxes, and write down what you want it to make. You then have to select the artist from the nine available so far. After you choose the options, it can start generating.

There are limited options at the moment because the Dream Track isn't fully available to the public. You can search YouTube for different Dream Track songs that are available right now.

YouTube AI Music Generator

No need to sign up

Part 2: The Best AI Music Generator YouTube Alternative – TopMediai AI Music Generator

1 TopMediai YouTube AI generator music

If you like what you see about the YouTube AI music Generator but are dismayed that only a select few can use it, don't worry—we have the solution.

TopMediai AI Music Generator is the best alternative to Dream Track, the AI music generator YouTube tool.

Just like YouTube AI music generator, you can describe what you require, and the tool will generate a song for you. It can even create songs if you give it lyrics, and instead of making 30 seconds, it can generate a whole song. So, until the ouTube AI generator musicY tool is entirely online, let's examine the unique features of TopMediai AI Music Generator and how to use them.

Here are a few easy steps to create your incredible YouTube short or shareable content.

topmediaiai music generator

Step 1: Go to the TopMediai AI Music Generator

There are two ways you can customize the output of this YouTube AI music generator with text.

1.Explain the sound you wish to produce with a description.

2.Include lyrics so that you may enjoy your ideal hit song.

Step 2: Based on your input and required result, you may toggle the "Instrumental" button to add amazing effects. Press the Create button to initiate the process.

topmediai ai music generation result

Step 3: Allow this YouTube music AI generator alternative to generate two new instrumental or sing-along song ideas for you.

You can download and use it later after you're done. To gain fresh insights or comments, you may also share them with friends and fans on other social media platforms.

topmediai ai music share

Key Features

Ability to create high-quality songs with just a description or lyrics. These are much longer than the 30-second Dream Track output.

Enhance the output by changing the tempo, tone, and more, or simply make the song an instrumental, all with the power of AI.

More than 2000 songs can be created follow your idea.

Music Square provides you with high-quality songs updated in real time. You can publish, collect, and listen music freely.

topmediai text to speech

TopMediai AI Music Generator for Every Idea

YouTube AI music generator, it's creative and affordable.

Lenrn More

Part 3: Best FAQs for YouTube AI Music Generator and its Alternative

1Can I Use Music Generated by YouTube AI Music Generator for My YouTube Videos?

Yes, you may use them as long as they aren't monetized. For the moment, the YouTube AI music generator is available only to a select few, so more information will come once it is released to the public.

2Are the Music Compositions Generated by YouTube Music AI Generator Copyrighted?

At the moment, we are still unclear, even though nine artists have accepted the collaboration. Until it is released publicly, we aren't sure that all the music generated by AI generated music YouTube will be copyrighted. Will it be copyrighted to YouTube or the artist who accepted? We don't know.

3 Are There Any Limitations to Using Music Generated by YouTube AI Generator Music?

Yes, at the moment, it is only available to a select few content creators. If you want to use it, it is better to generate songs or music using a YouTube AI music generator alternative like TopMediai AI Music Generator.

Conclusion It will be exciting to see where the AI music generator YouTube. expands to in the future. What quality will these select-few produce, and how will everyone else utilize it once it goes public and live?

In the meantime, if you cannot wait for it to be fully released, you have the best YouTube AI music generator option. We recommend generating new and exciting music from TopMediai AI Music Geneator and seeing how fun it is. Hope you found this info helpful. Stay tuned for more!

TopMediai AI Music Generator

AI-powered YouTube AI music generator


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