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Palworld Voice Changer: Change Voice on Palworld

Home > Voice Change > Palworld Voice Changer: Change Voice on Palworld
Daniel Updated: February 4, 2024

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Good news! Palworld released. There are many funny tips and guide of Palworld, but now l just want to share you how to change voice on Palworld with Palworld Voice Changer, you can do it and change your voice into any voice to talk with your friends on the game. Let's take a detailed look.

palworld voice changer

Part 1: Palworld Released! Get a FAST learning

Palworld is a new multiplayer, open-world survival, and crafting game developed by Pocketpair and released on January 18, 2024. The game is designed as a monster-catching, survival, and crafting game, but it incorporates a variety of mechanics from other genres to provide a completely new experience for players.


Gameplay: It includes over 100 monsters, a vast open world, over 350 items, and more than 70 types of buildings.
Multiplayer: The game offers an open-world multiplayer experience where players can work together for shared adventures, including cooperation and conflict.
Pals: Palworld is home to over 100 unique Pals, each equipped with a diverse set of skills to enhance the player's adventure.
Base Building: Players can construct bases alongside their Pals and assign them to various tasks, automating item collection, production, farming, and electricity generation.

Part 2: How to Change Voice on Palworld?

1TopMediai Voice Changer

Palworld offers a seamless voice-changing feature that adds a new dimension to the gaming experience. By using the TopMediai Voice Changer, players can modify their voices and create unique personas within the game. This adds depth to interactions and personalizes the overall gaming experience. Also, you can change your voice to sound like a monster or NPC's voice.

topmediai voice changer

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How to Use Palworld Voice Changer?

Step 1: Visit TopMediai Voice Changer first.

Step 2: Click on "Upload Audio", or "Record" on your left hand.

Step 3: Choose a voice model on "Choose from VoiceLab" tab.

Step 4: Click on "Change Voice Now".

Key Features

280+ realistic voice changing models to choose from.

Fast changing.

Supports recording voice or upload audio file.

Regular updates, there will be more models uploaded.

Online Palworld voice changer, without download.

Try Palworld Voice Changer Online >>

Part 3: How can l Get Palworld NPCs' AI Voice?

Actually, there are no Palworld ai voice option, but it will be coming soon. If you want to get it now, feel free to to try TopMediai Voice Cloning. By upload the voice clips of your favorite monsters or NPCs, then start cloning, you can get a clear Parworld ai voice model. You can use it for text to speech of other usages.

topmediai voice cloning

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Part 4: FAQs about Palworld Voice Changer

1 How does the voice changer feature work in Palworld?

The voice changer feature in Palworld allows players to modify their character's voice in real-time during gameplay.

2 Can I use the voice changer for my Pal characters as well?

No, the voice changer feature is currently only applicable to player characters and not Pal characters. But you can make your voice sound like your Pal characters.

Conclusion With the Palworld voice changer at your fingertips, get ready to "ear-resistibly" shake things up in the gaming world. Also TopMediai Voice Cloning will help you easily get the realistic Palworld characters’ voices. So, go ahead,try out the latest gaming way, and let your alter ego's voice be the life of the virtual party!

Palworld AI Voice

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