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[Solved] Top TikTok Converters without Watermark 2024

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Daniel Updated: August 19, 2022

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The Chinese-based application TikTok is dominating the global users with more than a billion audience. It is helping international creators connect with worldwide audiences with short bursts of video-based entertainment. The artists are launching new songs, dances, and other entertainments to please their loyal following.

Unfortunately, uploading videos to TikTok creates a watermark by default to prevent unfair use. TikTok watermark is an imposed signature that makes the content connect to TikTok closely. Here are a few TikTok converter without watermark suggestions so you can upload the same content to multiple platforms as a social media creator.

Part 1: Crop TikTok Video to Download without Watermark

It is one of the easiest techniques as a TikTok converter without watermark. It does not require technical knowledge or complicated software. Here is how to convert TikTok no watermark:

Open TikTok on the default Photos application.

remove image background

Find the Edit option after searching for it. It is usually present on the right-hand side of the screen.

Click on Crop. The option is available on the top row.

remove image background

Depending on the watermark, pinch and zoom to remove the signature. You may adjust the video for balance. Watch out for multiple watermarks and arrange accordingly.

Once you are satisfied with the results, click on “Done.”

Unfortunately, this method is not perfect all the time. The resultant video may suffer from flaws and blurriness.

Part 2: Use an Application SnapTik to Download

The next TikTok converter no watermark strategy involves downloading an application. It is an easy solution to removing watermarks. The application is available on App Store and Google Play. Here is how to convert TikTok to mp4 without watermark:

Open Google Play on your phone

Search for SnapTik on the search bar at the top.

Click on Install. The phone will download the application and notify you when it is ready.

remove image background

Meanwhile, open the TikTok application.

Click on Share and then select Copy Link.

Paste the copied pathway onto the SnapTik interface. You can also choose links from the clipboard.

Wait for the download to complete and play TikTok without a watermark.

The second strategy is completely free. However, the user may interact with advertisements which may elongate the time.

Part 3: Use Stickers to Cover Watermark

Have you considered using stickers for the TikTok converter without watermark? You do not need a separate application. Furthermore, it saves time and here is how to do it correctly:

Open the TikTok you love and click on stickers on the right-hand side.

Please choose from the stickers and strategically place them over the TikTok watermark.

remove image background

Lastly, you can decide how long the sticker appears and when it appears from the Set Duration on the TikTok interface.

Remember to select the Pin option so the sticker doesn't move or disappear when you play the video. Adding the sticker is a straightforward solution to covering the TikTok watermark.

Part 4: Remove Watermark via a Browser

This solution is for the computer lovers out there—no need to use your phone to convert TikTok video without watermark. The last method allows you to download TikTok directly. However, you may require a third-party intervention to do it successfully. Let's take a look.

Log into your TikTok account using a computer.

Find the video to convert TikTok with no watermark on the For You page

Once selected, click on the Share Button below the ellipses.

Select “Copy Link” from the pop-up menu from the multiple sharing options.

Open a new tab on your browser and visit savett.cc/en/

remove image background

Paste the link into the search bar and click on “Search.” Wait for a few seconds for the platform to process the video.

Click on “Download” to retrieve the TikTok in mp4 format.

Open the “Downloads” folder to search for the video. Keep it on your computer or transfer it to your phone using a USB cable.

Part 5: Convert TikTok Video Using AI Technique

Top MediAI offers a genius solution to convert TikTok without watermarks. The program Top MediAI will not compromise the content and the quality of the video. It is a professional service that removes texts and other unnecessary objects from TikTok videos. Here are its features

The AI detects and removes pixilation thoughtfully. It employs the best color combination to present the final result better than the original video.

Top MediAI uses a Matte filling feature. It will remove the watermark perfectly without clipping or overlapping the frames in the TikTok video.

After removing the logo, Top MediAI software will enhance the resolution with its Gaussian Blur feature. It will optimize the look and eliminate pixilation at all levels.

Top MediAI is an AI-powered platform designed to make your life much easier. Its unique technology and features are the best software to convert TikTok mp4 without watermark. Top MediAI offers powerful imagery and video recognition regarding removing the watermark.

The creator offers a free version to test the compatibility and usability of Top MediAI for every user. You can familiarize yourself with copyright texts, advertisements, editing, watermark removal, and other features.

Here is how to remove watermark using Top MediAI with just a few clicks. It will eliminate all traces of an embedded signature without compromising the results.

Launch the program

Open the program

Double click the Top MediAI software after successful installation. You can download the Windows and Mac iOS setup.

Upon initial interface, select the “Remove Video Watermark” feature.

Import the video

It will take you to a new interface where you will import the video to the software.

Click on “Add Video” to begin the importing process. The option is available at the center of the window. You won’t miss it! However, you can drag and drop the TikTok too.

Opt for Remove Mode

After successfully uploading the video, you will notice a selection box appearing automatically.

Resize the box from all dimensions according to the TikTok watermark. Ensure it covers the signature perfectly.

Drag the resized selection tool on top of the TikTok watermark.

remove image background

The user can choose color filling, Gaussian blur, and smooth filling options. Top MediAI platform will remove the watermark accurately. It will not ruin the video in terms of color, pixilation, or audio.


If you are satisfied with the results, click on the Play button. This is a crucial step to convert TikTok without watermark providing physical results.

remove image background

Assuming you feel the box was misplaced or needs resizing, follow the above steps again until the preview provides the desired result.


Click “Export Now” to save the video to the intended destination.

Close Top MediAI.

Watch the video to learn more about TopMediai MarkGo Watermark Online .
TopMediai MarkGo Watermark Online

Part 6: Convert TikTok without Watermark for Free Online

We have your back if you search for ways to convert TikTok without watermark! The following few suggestions are web-based applications that require a stable internet connection and a trustworthy browser.

1. In Paint

The first option to download and convert TikTok without watermark is In Paint. It is a helpful platform if you do not wish to engage with installing applications and software. Study the following steps to remove watermark with a website:

Open the In Paint on a platform of your choice. Be it a phone or a computer. However, we suggest using their original website to prevent phone lagging and interacting with malware.

Upload the downloaded TikTok to the platform.


Move the cursor to the watermark for the website to recognize it. Ensure exact selection to maintain the original quality. It will remove logos and other signatures flawlessly.

Once every step is completed, download the video to your personal computer. Your phone will save it to your Photos or Gallery.

2. SnapTik

The second TikTok converter without watermark is SnapTik. You may have heard the name because it is a reliable and credible solution to removing watermarks.

Begin by opening the TikTok application. Find the video and click on Share. Then click on “Copy Link.”

Open snaptik.app in a separate window.


Paste the link on the search and click on “Download.”

The video will download instantly after processing for a few seconds.

You can transfer it to your phone via One Drive, DropBox, or email. Furthermore, Airdrop the media if you are an Apple user wirelessly to your phone.

3. Musically Down

The last option to convert TikTok without watermark is working with the web-based platform Musically Down. Even though the name suggests something opposite, Musically Down works equally best on all platforms.

Save the link to the TikTok you wish to download. Click on the Share button on the right-hand side and then select "Copy Link."

Open the Musically Down in a different tab and paste the selected link onto the search bar.

remove image background

Remember to de-select the option “Video with Watermark.” Otherwise, the TikTok will download with the embedded signature.

Look through the options to confirm before clicking on “Download.” Musically Download will also offer the opportunity to download the audio of the selected TikTok.

After selecting and de-selecting the appropriate option, click on Download mp4 now. Rename the file of your choosing and provide the pathway to a folder.

Play the TikTok without watermark for free in just a few minutes.

Now let's conclude the discussion with some common queries on our mind

FAQ - Best Ways to Download TikTok Video

1Is it troublesome to download TikTok without watermarks?

TikTok watermark is acceptable to remove and legal as long as you do not undertake the following steps.

Distribute the creator’s videos as your own with a compromised title.

Avoid removing watermarks that are already copyrighted, such as music artists and labels.

2What to do after removing the watermark?

To share the watermark-less media on other platforms, you must communicate the intention to the original creator. On the other hand, if the creator is unreachable, credit their name and profile in the bio or below the video.

3Can I erase the watermark offline?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The steps to convert TikTok without a watermark require an internet connection to download the video. Therefore, you will require mobile data or Wi-Fi to successfully upload or download the videos.

4What is a free tool to convert TikTok without a watermark?

Online tools are available in the market, depending on your requirements and the operating system you are using. We suggest using the Top MediAI platform, which is completely free. Its assistive features will remove watermarks professionally.

5Can Mac users remove watermarks?

We have an exclusive option for you to convert TikTok with no watermark if you are an Apple user. The software is called Apowersoft watermark remover. It offers a very easy-to-understand interface and the correct tools, so you don’t have to waste money on foreign software.

Select the “Remove watermark from video” option and watch the imposed signature disappear from your eyes. The process is quick and extremely straightforward.

6Can I upload TikTok on other social media platforms?

Yes, you can easily do that! However, we suggest posting the content to TikTok first to experience the features for their true potential. On the platform, you can edit the videos further with entertaining edits. These features are absent from the competitors.

The Final Words

Assuming you are an avid TikTok user, you may be wondering how to remove watermarks from the videos. With the above read, you have the appropriate skillset to share your secrets with your friends. Surprise your social circle with the software and internet-based application knowledge to download and convert TikTok with no watermark.

Top MediAI is a trusted watermark remover for more than a million users. The creator offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and refunds if the client is dissatisfied with the performance. Furthermore, Top MediAI also takes client protection very seriously. All transactions are a hundred percent secure to build trust with the platform.

Download the Top MediAI trial version for Windows if you are interested. You can also purchase the complete software here. Customer support representatives will answer inquiries about a refund, product support, or user interface. Browse the Support Center for FAQs and other common queries. Feel free to request reviews to cement your final decision regarding purchasing from Top MediAI.  

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