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Create Angel Dust AI Voice & Make Yourself An Angel Dust Song

Home > Text to Speech > Create Angel Dust AI Voice & Make Yourself An Angel Dust Song
Daniel Updated: July 11, 2024

3 min read


Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel is quite unique both in personality and voice, attracting many people who love him. This article is a guide on generating Angel Dust AI Voice with voice generator.

Even more exciting, you can create beautiful songs with Angel Dust voice using our advanced AI technology. Keep reading and make your own AI Angel Dust voice!

angel dust ai voice

Listen to Angel Dust Voice generated by Topmediai:

Angel Dust Voice

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Part 1: How to Do Angel Dust Voice?

A perfect Angel Dust voice should not only be similar in timbre, but also in personality. It's not just about pitch; it's about attitude! Here's how you can get that voice just right and easy.

TopMediai - Create the Most Angelic Angel Dust Voice

TopMediai is an online voice generator which offers powerful text-to-speech in 3200+ voices. It is the best choice for you to generate Angel Dust AI voice. Not only Angel Dust, the voice of other characters from Hazbin Hotel can be also used to make text to speech.

topmediai text to speech

Step 1: Head over to the TopMediai website and try Angel Dust's voice online for free.

Angel Dust Voice

Secure Visit

Step 2: Upload or paste the text that you want to convert into speech.

Step 3: Choose Angel Dust AI voice in the Animation voice type, or search it on the searching bar.

topmediai text to speech

For Mobile user: Click on "Voices" from the menu below, then enter "Angel Dust" for searching.

angel dust voice

Step 4: Choose the language and accent, fine-tune the voice parameters base on what you prefer.

Step 5: Click "Audition"(PC)/"Play"(Mobile) button, TopMediai will transform the text into audio with Angel Dust's voice.

Key Features

Includes Hazbin Hotel and other anime characters' voices.

Provides other functions like voice cloning, AI song cover, speech-to-speech, etc.

Allows adjustments in pitch, speed, and tone to match your needs.

Offers 3200+ voices in multiple languages and accents.

User-friendly. Easy to navigate with simple steps for voice generation.

Part 2: Sing A Song with Angel Dust AI Voice

We all know how beautiful Angel Dust's “New Side of Me” is. He has the voice of an angel, and now our advanced AI technology allows you to sing any song with that voice. Here’s how to generate a song with Angel Dust voice:

TopMediai AI Song Cover Generator

TopMediai AI Cover is latest music making tool that allows musicians, content creators, and music enthusiasts to generate cover versions of songs with AI-generated voices. These voices can mimic the vocal style of popular artists, offering an exciting and creative way to produce unique content. Free to try!

topmediai angel dust ai cover

Cover Song Free

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Part 3: Info of Angel Dust

hazbin hotel angel dust

Angel Dust is one heck of a character in "Hazbin Hotel." Created by Vivienne Medrano, originally from "ZooPhobia". This gay spider demon is a former adult film star who landed in Hell because of his wild, hedonistic lifestyle. But don't let his carefree attitude fool you—there's a lot of depth and drama behind those eight legs. Despite his rebellious attitude, he genuinely cares for his friends and strives for self-improvement.

Angel balances mischief with genuine concern, making him a complex character navigating personal growth amidst chaos. This is the main reason why he can be so charming.

Part 4: Who Voices Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel?

To really get into Angel Dust, we need to know the talents behind the voice. Angel Dust has been voiced by two actors so far:

1. Angel Dust Original Voice Actor

Michael Kovach was the original voice behind Angel Dust. He is an American voice actor renowned for his exceptional vocal versatility. He has lent his voice to a variety of projects, including web animations, anime, and video games.

Kovach's voice acting portfolio includes memorable roles such as Serial Designation N in the YouTube web series "Murder Drones" and the scientist character in "Poppy Playtime." His performance was packed with energy and a whole lot of attitude, making Angel Dust a standout character right from the get-go.

voice of angel dust

2. New Angel Dust Voice Actor

Blake Roman is an actor and music artist. He is the new voice actor taking on Angel Dust. While changes like this can be a big deal for fans, many have welcomed Roman’s fresh take on the character, appreciating how he keeps the core sassiness of Angel Dust alive. His voice interprets the song "New Side of Me" from Hazbin Hotel well.

angel dust voice actor

Part 5: Hot FAQs about Angel Dust AI Voice

1 How to generate Angel Dust voice?

The easy way is to use the best online AI voice generator TopMediai, type in the text and convert it into Angel Dust speech in seconds.

2 What can I use Angel Dust AI voice for?

You can use Angel Dust AI voice for a ton of fun projects—fan animations, voiceovers, songs, or just to prank your friends with some unexpected sass.

3 What accent does Angel Dust have?

Angel Dust rocks a distinctive New York accent, adding to his cheeky and street-smart persona.

4 Why did they change Angel Dust's voice actor?

The recast likely happened because singing in Angel Dust's voice strained Michael Kovach's vocal cords. With A24 now involved, they needed a professional who could handle both singing and speaking. It's easier and cheaper to have one voice actor do both rather than separate actors for each.

Conclusion Angel Dust from "Hazbin Hotel" is a character who’s larger than life, and thanks to AI voice technology, fans can now bring his iconic voice to their own projects. Whether you’re imitating his voice, or singing a song with his AI-generated vocals, there’s a whole lot to explore and enjoy.

Now try the Angel Dust AI Voice by using Topmediai Text to Speech, create impressive voice over for your content.

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