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[Guide]Generate AI Music with 10 Best AI Music Generators


Updated: August 30, 2023
• Filed to: Text to Speech

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Musicians and creators are now armed with powerful tools to craft their melodies, even if they lack traditional musical expertise.
One such groundbreaking development is the emergence of AI music generators. These ingenious tools have revolutionized the way we compose and produce music.
In this tutorial, we will delve into the best 10 AI music generators and guide you through using the best ones to create your own unique melodies with 10 best ai music generators.

ai music generator

Part 1: What is AI Music Generator?

AI music generators are software or platforms powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. They analyze patterns, harmonies, and musical styles to compose original pieces of music. These AI systems have been trained on a vast dataset of music from various genres and eras, allowing them to generate music that spans a wide spectrum of styles.

what is ai music generator

Part 2: The Best AI Music Generator to Make Your Own Music

1TopMediai—Free AI Music Generator

TopMediai stands out with its advanced AI algorithms that can produce music across various genres. Whether you're into classical, rock, or EDM, TopMediai has got you covered. Its intuitive interface allows you to customize your compositions, adjusting tempo, instrumentation, and mood.
It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to help you create high-quality music.

topmediai ai song cover

With its intuitive controls, you can easily customize the mood, tempo, and instrumentation of your compositions. TopMediai also provides various pre-trained models to generate music in different genres, making it suitable for musicians of all styles.

How to Use TopMediai AI Music Generator Online:

Step 1: Go to the TopMediai and create an account.

Step 2: Choose a music style you like.

Step 3: Type in the lyrics you want to use for the song.

topmediai ai music generator

Step 4: Speak anything to Record your voice.

Step 5: Preview and download your song.

Why Choose TopMediai

Multigenre capability for diverse music production.

Intuitive interface; customize tempo, instruments, and moods.

Real-time collaboration with other musicians and producers.

Advanced AI algorithms for precise and creative music composition.

Analyzes preferences to create compositions matching your unique style.

Pricing: $8.99/month, conversions supported 30 times.

ai music generator

TopMediai AI Music Generator - Stunning Music Maker Online

No need to hire a musician anymore! Built for music lovers, our ai music generator saves your time and money.

Try It Now


Soundraw is perfect for those who need a quick creative spark. Its user-friendly interface and vast music library make it a go-to choice for music enthusiasts. It even offers collaborative features, enabling you to work with other musicians or producers in real-time.


Key Features

User-friendly interface with a vast music library.

Quick creative spark for music enthusiasts.

Collaboration features for real-time music creation with others.

Export creations to popular digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Customizable compositions, adjusting tempo, instruments, and moods.

Pricing: $16.99 for Background Music/$29.99 for making all songs.


For electronic music aficionados, Beatoven.ai is a dream come true. It specializes in generating electronic beats and melodies that are sure to get your audience moving. With its powerful synthesizers and drum machines, you can fine-tune every aspect of your electronic tracks.


Star features

Specializes in electronic beats and catchy melodies.

Fine-tune electronic tracks with synthesizers and drum machines.

Perfect for electronic music producers and DJs.

Allows export to popular digital audio workstations (DAWs).

AI analyzes preferences to match your unique style.

Pricing: $3 for 15-min song.


Boomy prides itself on its adaptability. It can generate music for any occasion, from background tracks for videos to full-fledged songs for your next album. Boomy's AI can analyze your preferences and create compositions that match your unique style.


Important attributes

Adaptable music generation for various occasions.

Background tracks, video music, and full songs creation.

AI analyzes preferences to match your unique style.

Versatile tool for musicians and content creators.

Quick and easy composition for diverse projects.

Pricing: Pay per use. Need to contact the official recharge


Beatbot is a favorite among producers and DJs. Its ability to craft catchy beats and loops makes it an essential tool for any electronic music project. You can also export your creations to popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) for further editing and production.



Ideal for crafting catchy beats and electronic loops.

Favorite tool among DJs and electronic music producers.

Export creations to popular digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Offers a library of pre-made musical elements.

Excellent for adding electronic flair to projects.

Pricing: $10 for 3 ai singers.


Soundful takes a unique approach by focusing on emotions. It creates music that resonates with specific feelings, making it ideal for setting the mood in your content or projects. With Soundful, you can select from a wide range of emotions, ensuring your music complements your creative vision.


Some Advantages

Emotion-focused music creation to set the desired mood.

Wide range of selectable emotions for tailored music.

Great for content creators aiming for emotional impact.

Compositions resonate with specific feelings and atmospheres.

Perfect for enhancing the mood of videos or projects.

Pricing: $9.99 for 1 month(300 downloads).


Loudly is all about diversity. It can produce music that spans a wide range of cultures and styles, ensuring you have the perfect soundtrack for any project. Its comprehensive library of musical elements allows you to mix and match genres to create something truly unique.



Diverse music production spanning various genres and cultures.

Mix and match genres for unique, eclectic soundtracks.

Comprehensive library for flexible composition.

Perfect for adding depth to various creative projects.

AI adapts to the required atmosphere in real-time.

Pricing: At least $7.99 for 1 month license(only 5 stem packs).


Mubert is a live AI music generator, offering an endless stream of original music. It's great for live events or continuous background music. Mubert's AI adapts in real-time to the atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for dynamic environments like clubs, galleries, or online streams.


Focus on

Live AI music generation for continuous background music.

Ideal for live events and dynamic environments.

AI adapts to the atmosphere in real-time.

Endless stream of original music for non-stop entertainment.

Dynamic music creation for clubs, galleries, and online streams.

Pricing: At least $14 for 1 month license.


Melodia excels in classical compositions. If you're looking for symphonies, sonatas, or string quartets, Melodia is the AI music generator to turn to. Its attention to detail and adherence to classical music theory make it a valuable tool for composers and orchestral enthusiasts.



Specializes in classical music compositions.

Composes symphonies, sonatas, and string quartets with precision.

Attention to classical music theory and detail.

Valuable tool for composers and orchestral enthusiasts.

Perfect for creating classical music with AI assistance.

Pricing: For business only.


Staccato is perfect for creating short, attention-grabbing music snippets. It's ideal for intros, outros, and transitions in your content. Staccato's library of pre-made musical stings and jingles makes it easy to find the perfect sound for your videos or podcasts.


Main features

Ideal for creating short, attention-grabbing musical snippets.

Perfect for intros, outros, and transitions in content.

Library of pre-made musical stings and jingles.

Quick and easy solution for enhancing video or podcast audio.

Customizable for matching sound to your project's style.

Pricing: At least 7.99/month, unlimited access to all Staccato Lyric Tools.

Part 3: AI Music collaboration between TikTok and Youtube

AI-generated music has also made its way onto popular platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Artists and content creators leverage AI music generators to produce captivating and unique tracks that resonate with their audience.


These platforms provide a stage for musicians to showcase their AI-generated compositions, enabling them to reach a wider audience and explore new creative opportunities. As AI music continues to evolve, it is bound to make a significant impact on the digital music landscape.

Part 4: FAQs about The Best Music AI Generator

1 How many Modes are there in AI Music Generator?

There are currently two models: one is to create your own lyrics to be set into other singers' songs; the other is to generate music in the style of the song you freely choose, and then form a song based on the lyrics you create.

2 Can l use AI Music Generator as a Music Composer?

Yes, you can use AI music generators as a music composer.

3 Do I need musical knowledge to use AI music generators?

No, you don't need to be a musician or have musical expertise to use AI music generators. They are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals with varying levels of musical knowledge.

4 Can AI music generators create music in different genres?

Yes, all above best 10 AI music generators can create music in various genres, from classical to rock, electronic to hip-hop. Users often have the flexibility to choose the genre or style they want.

Conclusion AI music generators have opened doors to a new realm of music composition and production. With the top 10 AI music generators mentioned in this tutorial such as TopMediai, you have a wide array of options to explore and create music that suits your style and project requirements.

So, don't hesitate to unleash your inner musician and start composing your own songs with the help of AI music generators today.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of witnessing the rapid growth and evolution of AI. As an ai columnist, I have collaborated with leading experts, researchers, and industry pioneers, conducting interviews and authoring articles that shed light on cutting-edge AI innovations and their practical applications.

Through my columns on TopMediai, I hope to inspire curiosity and drive innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.


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