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Your Voice, Upgraded: AI Voice of iOS 17 Explored

Home > Text to Speech > Your Voice, Upgraded: AI Voice of iOS 17 Explored
Daniel Updated: August 16, 2023

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Through the process of effortlessly creating and using your very own personal voice using the AI voice cloning in iOS 17.

iOS 17 brings a plethora of new features, and one of the highlights is the enhanced personal voice feature. Read more to get the new function and explore how to make your personal voice in iOS 17 with voice ai.

ios 17 voice ai

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Part 1: What's Updated in iOS 17 of Voice?

Live Speech and Personal Voice Advance Speech Accessibility

The Live Speech feature available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac enables users to type their thoughts for verbalization during phone calls, FaceTime conversations, and in-person chats. Additionally, users can store frequently used phrases for swift participation in dynamic discussions with family, friends, and coworkers.

Live Speech serves as a support tool for the global community, catering to individuals who are either non-verbal or have experienced gradual speech loss.

ios 17 live speech

Part 2: How to Make Personal Voice with Voice AI?

According to the update of the sound function of iOS 17, how to customize the ai voice more creatively and use it in iOS 17?

1. TopMediai AI Voice Generator[Voice Cloning]

TopMediai iOS 17 AI Voice Generator stands out as a top contender for voice cloning. Using its iOS 17 voice ai tech, it can analyze your speech patterns and generate a highly accurate replication of your voice. This opens up doors for creative content production, voiceovers, and even preserving your voice for future generations.


How to generate my personal voice before using in iOS 17:

Step 1: Visit TopMediai Text to Speech and access to "Voice Cloning."

access to voice cloning

Step 2: Choose a method to Start Cloning Voice(Upload audio files or Record sample texts online).

Step 3: Click "Start Cloning".

Step 4: Use your cloned voices for text to speech generation.

  • High accuracy and natural voice.

  • Versatile usage in various contexts.

  • Secure and private.

  • Easy to use(3 simple steps).

  • Control over voice data for training.

  • Limited customization options.

2. respeecher

Respeecher is another remarkable AI tool that specializes in voice manipulation and synthesis. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize various aspects of your voice, such as tone, pitch, and speaking style.
This tool is perfect for those who wish to add a personal touch to their digital interactions while maintaining a natural and genuine feel.


  • Customization options for personalized voices.

  • Creative potential in voice modification.

  • Retains natural voice variation.

  • Learning curve due to extensive customization.

  • Variable voice output quality.

3. Elai.io

Elai.io is an AI-driven platform that enables you to create and fine-tune your personal voice for use in iOS 17. With its intuitive interface, you can train the AI to replicate your voice and produce high-quality audio output.
Whether you're looking to use your personal voice for communication or creative projects, Elai.io offers a comprehensive solution.


  • Training capabilities for personalized voices.

  • Tailored applications for specific use cases.

  • Control over voice data for training.

  • Complexity and technical knowledge required for training.

  • Resource-intensive training process.

Part 3: How to use Personal Voice in iOS 17?

Utilizing your newly generated personal voice in iOS 17 is a straightforward process. Once you've created your voice using one of the AI tools mentioned above, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the iOS 17 Settings menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Personalization" or "Voice Settings" section.

Step 3: Choose the "Use Personal Voice" option.

use personal voice

Step 4: Select the voice profile you've created from the list of available options.

Step 5: Confirm your selection, and your personal voice will be applied system-wide.

Part 4: FAQs about iOS 17 Voice AI

1 What is iOS 17 Voice AI?

iOS 17 Voice AI refers to the advanced artificial intelligence technology integrated into iOS 17 that enables users to generate, customize, and use personal voices for various applications and interactions.

2 What can I use my generated personal voice for?

You can use your generated personal voice for a wide range of applications, including interacting with digital assistants, narrating audiobooks, creating unique voiceovers, personalizing notifications, and more.

3 Can I undo or reset my generated personal voice?

Yes, you should be able to reset or change your generated personal voice through the iOS 17 settings. Refer to the device's documentation or online resources for specific instructions.

Conclusion By integrating your unique voice into your iOS 17 experience, you'll enjoy a level of personalization that was once unimaginable. Embrace the future of voice technology and make your mark on the digital landscape.

Custom your own iOS 17 ai voice and use in phone, enjoy the new updated of iOS 17!

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