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Kits AI Voice Review in 2024 | How to Use Kits. AI to Create Content?

Home > Text to Speech > Kits AI Voice Review in 2024 | How to Use Kits. AI to Create Content?
Daniel Updated: April 2, 2024

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Kits AI Voice is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform how you create audio content. With Kits.ai community voices, you can effortlessly change voices, create realistic AI voices, make captivating YouTube covers, and improve audio quality using advanced tools like vocal separation and mastering. In this article, we'll provide a detailed introduction to Kits.ai community voices and explore alternative options for your creative needs.

kits ai voice

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Part 1: Introduction of Kits AI Voice

Kit.ai community voices is an innovative platform powered by artificial intelligence, designed to simplify and enhance various aspects of your daily life. Kit.ai community voices advanced features include voice conversion, voice training, an extensive voice library, text-to-speech capabilities, and AI-driven audio enhancers.

With Kit ai community voices, you can effortlessly transform voices, create realistic clones, access a diverse range of royalty-free voices, generate natural-sounding speech, and enhance audio quality with tools like the Vocal Remover.

Kits AI Voice boasts several notable features:

Key Features

Easy AI song Cover Generator.

Train an AI model to replicate a singer's voice flawlessly.

Access 50+ Artist Voices categorized by gender and genre.

Generate natural-sounding speech in 14 languages for narration and voiceovers.

Use the Vocal Remover to separate vocals from instrumental and background noise with advanced settings.

Explore the Advantages and Disadvantages of VovBox:

  • Advanced voice conversion transforms singers seamlessly for creativity.

  • Voice training customizes AI models for accurate voice replication.

  • Extensive voice library offers diverse options for versatile creativity.

  • Text-to-speech in 14 languages enhances accessibility and convenience.

  • AI audio enhancers like Vocal Remover offer advanced control.

  • Learning curve may challenge users with advanced features initially.

  • Costs may be prohibitive for users on a tight budget.

  • Privacy concerns may arise with data processing and uploading.

When it comes to pricing, Kit ai voice offers four plans: Starter, Converter, Creator, and Composer. Let's explore each one:

kits ai voice price plan

Part 2: How to Use Kits.ai Community Voices?

How to use Text to Speech on Kits?

Step 1: Choose a model from the Kits AI voice generator library or use your own.

Step 2: Under 'Voice input,' switch from 'Audio File' to 'Text To Speech.'

Step 3: Type your text, pick a suitable pitch range and language, then click 'convert'.

kits.ai tts

How to use Voice Cloning on Kits?

Step 1: Log in and find the Kits.AI training dashboard to begin training a new voice.

Step 2: To ensure quality, follow its video or text guides to prepare your dataset.

kits.ai community voices clone

Step 3: Upload your audio, start training, and check your My Voices dashboard for the completion of the training process.

How to use Royalty Free AI Singing Generators on Kits?

Step 1: Go to the Kits.AI convert page and click on the "+" button to open the AI singing generator browsing modal.

Step 2: Use the filters to discover the perfect AI voice for your song, voiceover, or other content.

Step 3: Upload your audio file, paste a YouTube link, or record from a microphone.

kit.ai ai singing generator

Step 4: Click "convert" to generate your vocals and listen to the result.

How to use Vocal Remover on Kits?

Step 1: Log in and choose "Vocal Remover" from the website navigation.

Step 2: Upload your audio file or paste a YouTube link.

Step 3: Click "convert," and within seconds, your vocals will be isolated and available for download.

kits.ai vocal remover

How to use AI Mastering on Kits?

Step 1: Log in and find the Kits.AI mastering dashboard to master your tracks.

Step 2: Upload your track and choose a mastering style from our presets, your own reference track, or a YouTube link.

Step 3: Once your track is uploaded and the mastering style is selected, click "Master" to listen to your production-ready track.

kits ai mastering

Part 3: Best Alternative of Kits AI Voice

1TopMediai - Free Online Website with Rich Voices

For more voice options, TopMediai Text to Speech might be your good choice.your go-to tool for creating professional audio content effortlessly. TopMediai offers a vast selection of over 3200 AI voices catering to diverse needs, along with support for more than 70 languages. Whether you require specific accents, tones, or languages, TopMediai has you covered with its extensive range of voice options.

topmediai text to speech

Try it Free

No need to sign up

Key Features

Generate voices effortlessly online—no login needed.

AI voice generator featuring over 3200 AI voices in 70+ languages.

Versatile tool:excels in text-to-speech, AI voice cloning, voiceover, and dubbing,etc.

Customize speech speed and pitch according to your preferences easily.

Enjoy the flexibility of Multiplayer Dubbing, enabling you to apply multiple voices to a single paragraph.

Explore voice cloning capabilities that allow you to replicate your own voice seamlessly.

  • Regular updates and enhancements.

  • Further expands its offerings, like ai cover and vocal remover.

  • One-stop destination for creators, musicians, content producers, and multimedia enthusiasts alike.

  • Expanding voice and languages options.

  • Enables you to create multilingual content with ease, reaching a global audience.

  • Enjoy seamless audio creation anytime.

  • You need an internet connection, which comes with an online-only tool.

Part 4: FAQS about Kits AI Community Voices

1 How long does it take to train Kits AI community voices?

Training a voice model can vary in time from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on factors like data size and the specific Kits AI community voices model being used.

2 Is Kits.AI community voices safe?

Absolutely! Kits AI voice is completely secure. They use advanced security measures and encryption to protect your data from malware, viruses, and any third-party attacks.

Conclusion This article provides an extensive review of Kits AI voice in 2024, covering its introduction, features, and steps for creating content. We explains how to utilize Kits.AI community voices features effectively to produce the content you desire. Additionally, we suggest a top alternatives for your consideration. Why not get started on mastering your AI voice generation skills today!

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