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Best Female to Male Voice Changer for Voice Trolling

Home > Voice Change > Best Female to Male Voice Changer for Voice Trolling
Daniel Updated: February 17, 2023

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Looking for a female to male voice changer? There are undoubtedly dozens of applications and tools available, but not all of them work as they should. If you are looking for the best solution, this article is going to help you a lot. We are going to share some of the best female to male voice changers that you can use for trolling, video content, pranks, etc.

Best Female to Male Voice Changer for Prank

TopMediAI Online Voice Changer

TopMediAi offers a free online voice changer that you can use on any computer or device. You only need to access the website, and you are ready to use the voice-changing tool. You can use it as a female to male voice changer because it has a wide variety of pre-set filters or voices.

The best thing about this online tool is the natural voices. All the converted voices sound natural, and you can use them for almost any purpose. After changing the voice, no one will be able to recognize it.


OS: It is an online tool, so you can use it on any browser. There is no need to worry about compatibility.

Key Features:

Converts audio to the desired voice with one click.

Dozens of filers and voices are available for free.

Can record your voice live and then turn it into any voice you prefer.

A completely free, quick, and safe option for voice-changing.

User Rating: TopMediAi Online Voice Changer offers the simplest solution for voice-changing. It makes everything a lot easier. Users love this tool because of its excellent user experience.

Best Prank Ideas with Female to Male Voice Changer

Here are some prank ideas you can try using Female to Male voice changer.

1. Dating App Prank Like Omegle

MagicMic Voice Changer is another wonderful software that can convert voice effectively and professionally in a very feasible manner. It is professionally and carefully designed for commercial and professional uses. Its impressive library of different voices, voice filters, and voice effects makes it different from other software. MagicMic offers a free version for beginner users, and it also has paid plans with different high-end features and functions.

2. Live Streaming

You can also prank on live streaming using a voice-changing tool. If you do not want to disclose your voice in your live videos, it could be the best option. Content creators frequently use it to hide their original voices.

3. Audio Edit

If you want to edit your original audio file, you can change its voice. By using a voice-changing tool, the voice is made better; it is tuned through the software and advanced algorithm. You can also change various metrics, such as pitch, volume, timbre, etc. The overall quality of the audio is greatly improved. Plus, the filters make your voice smooth and perfect for the audience.

4. Call Prank

You can also prank your friends by calling them through a female to male voice changer. They will be surprised to hear a new voice. But it is also real-time voice changing, and it requires an excellent tool or software.

More 2 Female to Male Voice for Selection

1. MagicMic Haminations Voice Changer [PC]

MagicMic could be the best option as a voice changer female to male. It is a voice-changing tool/software that can help you change your voice in real-time, which means you can change your voice during calls, live streaming, gaming, etc. You can add any filter you like and background effects in real-time.


It offers a wide range of voice filters, background effects, memes, and a lot of things that allow you to tweak your voice as you like. Most importantly, you can create a custom voice of your choice by adjusting the parameters. You get natural and real voice effects without any hassle.

Operating System: MagicMic is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can download all these from the official website.

Key Features:

Over 125+ voice filters available to change your voice

Offers free voices every day and can be used for almost any purpose

Changes the voice in real-time; no lagging.

Compatible with a wide range of software, apps, social media platforms, and games.

Offers custom voice features and advanced voice characteristics

User Rate: The user ratings of iMyFone MagicMic are exceptional. The users have rated it 4.5/5, which is amazing. It offers an easy to use interface, natural voices, and tons of filters and features.

2. Funcall [Mobile]

Funcall is an iOS and Android application that you can download directly from the respective app stores. It is basically a real-time voice-changing application, which can help in changing the voice during calls. You can prank your friends and other people by using this application. Other than that, you can also play recordings during the call. The voice can also be recorded and shared on social media after the call.


It offers a wide range of voice filters, background effects, memes, and a lot of things that allow you to tweak your voice as you like. Most importantly, you can create a custom voice of your choice by adjusting the parameters. You get natural and real voice effects without any hassle.

The application contains only a few voice filters and effects, but it works well. It is also a female to male voice changer as it has a Man voice filter.

Operating System: Available on Android and iOS.

Key Features:

Can do international calls in more than 150 countries

Changes voice without lagging and work exceptionally well on live calls

Switches between natural and other voices during the call

Call Recording is also available to share the recording with friends and others

User Rate: The rating on the App Store is 3.5. People have liked this application because it does what it says. But there are limited features, and the international call could be expensive for some people. However, you can earn some free credits as well.

Final Words

People like to prank their friends and family by changing their voices on calls. We have discussed how you can do it using a female to male voice changer. We have shared some of the best applications and tools you can try. If you are looking for an online tool, TopMediAi Online Voice Changer could be a good option, but it is not for live or real-time voice changing.

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