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8 Best Watermark Remover Apps for Images/Videos on Android & iOS

Home > Remove Watermark > 8 Best Watermark Remover Apps for Images/Videos on Android & iOS
Daniel Updated: September 21, 2022

657 views , 2 min read


Finding good-quality images or videos for personal or business use on the internet is a piece of cake. Still, trouble starts when you download those images or videos that have a watermark on them. Remove watermark app; you have to pay. Here we got a simple yet effective solution for removing watermarks with apps from your content.

best app to remove watermark

Part 1: Top 8 Apps to Remove Photo/Video Watermark for Windows/Mac/Android/iOs

We have found some apps to remove watermark for you, which can be used across all platforms no matter your device or system. These applications can be efficient for you in terms of an app to remove watermark.

1.1 PicLab

Suppose you're searching for the best app to remove watermark which can help you watermark removal app then PicLab can be the best for doing this job for you. PicLab offers many other features along the removing watermark.

PicLab is a free tool, but you will experience the ads, and if you want to remove ads, you can go for its premium version. 

topmediai remove watermark online


$0.99 - $9.99 per item

Supported System:

PicLab is available on Android and iOs.

Customer Rating:

PicLab has a rating of 4.0


  • Free to download.

  • Removes watermark without changing original resolution.

  • Full image customization.


  • Ads pop up.

  • Don’t have an option for HDR adjustment.

1.2 TouchRetouch

The best tool that makes you feel like a pro editor. This best app to remove watermark from photo and any object with a single tap. The UI is straightforward to use.

New users don't need a tutorial; you can do everything in a single tap. You cannot just only best free watermark remover app using TouchRetouh, and it also allows users to remove unnecessary objects from their images and enhance the quality of the picture. 

topmediai remove watermark online


$1.99- $14.99

Supported System: IOS、Android、Windows、Mac

Customer Rating:

TouchRetouch has a rating of 4.5


  • It allows you to edit 3600 images.

  • Selection-tool is very simple to use.

  • It shows you the comparison between original and modified image.

  • Requires significantly less memory to run.


  • Cannot create layers.

  • You cannot remove some objects clearly.

  • Take long for upload HD resolution images.

1.3 Media.io

There is the best app to remove watermark from photo, but an app to remove watermark from video; there are only a few best options to remove watermark app the video. Meida.io is the best website to remove watermarks from videos.

Media.io works as the video editor; you can deeply customize your video in any way you want. Media.io has some excellent features which you can discover by using it.

topmediai remove watermark online


$3.99 - $7.99

Supported System:

Windows and Mac.

Customer Rating:

Media.io is rated 4.5


  • Copyright free tracks for your video.

  • Text outlay.

  • Animation.

  • In-video watermark remover.


  • Paid subscription.

  • Good internet connection.

  • A sound system is required.

1.4 Pixlr

Pixlr is the most used software in terms of editing images. Pixlr offers advanced photo watermark remover app. Pixlr requires some knowledge of editing images as it is the alternative to Ai and Lr. If you have the skill of graphic design, then Pixlr is yours.

Watermark remover app is painful, but Pixlr makes this process easier for its user. All the tools that require removing watermarks without leaving a trace are added in Pixlr.

topmediai remove watermark online



Supported System:

Windows and Mac.

Customer Rating:

Pixlr is rated 4.5


  • Very effective for removing watermark.

  • Add multiple effects to the image.

  • Auto enhance the image.

  • Advanced editing tools.

  • Revamp images.


  • Paid software,

  • Complicated for new users.

  • Requires PC with speciation.

1.5 Photo Eraser

Photo Eraser is a good app if you are searching for an app to remove watermark from photo. Although this application is easy and fun to use but requires a perfect hand to outline the watermark you intend to remove from your image. 

Rather than just app remove watermark, this application also endows multiple features such as inserting images, text overlay, and light filters.

topmediai remove watermark online



Supported System:

Android and iOs.

Customer Rating:

Photo Eraser is rated 3.5


  • Photo Eraser easy to use.

  • Simple UI, so users don’t need to have a tutorial.

  • Instantly remove watermark from images.


  • Sometimes the app may crash.

  • You cannot trace complex objects.

1.6 iWatermark

iWatermark is one of the best apps for removing watermark, and the best thing is that you don’t need to be professional to remove watermarks or edit your images.

topmediai remove watermark online

iWatermark is available across all platforms, making this app even more unique, so users don’t need to switch devices to watermark remover app from the images.

Users can easily use this application without guidance as their UI is much easier than other applications.We recommend using the free version because it offers all essential tools, filters, and watermark remover.


$1.00 - $4.00

Supported System:

Android、iOs、Windows and Mac.

Customer Rating:

iWatermark is rated 4.0


  • You can easily remove the watermark with a single trace.

  • Images resolution remains the same.

  • Advanced filters and light mod.


  • Paid application.

  • Application for window sometimes crash.

1.7 AirBrush

Suppose you use the stock images for your social activities but are tired of their watermark. Here is the best application you can use to eliminate this problem. Airbrush is an excellent watermark remover app for your images.

You can make your photos look professional without doing hard work. AirBrush can auto-detect sharpness and curves in the pictures, so even if you don't have any skill in editing images, let AirBrush handle this for you.

topmediai remove watermark online


$1.00 - $29.99 per item

Supported System:

Android、iOs、Windows and Mac.

Customer Rating:

AirBrush is rated 4.5


  • Removes deep watermark from the images.

  • Have bleaching tool.

  • Light mod and exposure adjustment.


  • Paid application.

  • After removing the watermark, it takes time to save your image.

1.8 Photoshop

One of the best and most well-known software for editing images, removing background, and app for removing watermark. 

Although Photoshop is a very effective and widely used application among many photo editors, using Photoshop, especially for watermark remover app from images, requires skill. If you have a good grip on editing and removing various watermarks, we recommend you go for Photoshop.

topmediai remove watermark online


Starting from $29.99

Supported System:

Android、iOs、Windows and Mac.

Customer Rating:

Photoshop is rated 4.5


  • Advanced level tools.

  • Premium quality editing.

  • Deeply removes watermark from photo.

  • Different formats and sizes are available to save your image.


  • Requires license.

  • Used by professional.

  • Should have a good PC.

Part 2: Bonus Tip: Remove Watermark Online Easily with TopMediai MarkGo Watermark

The best online background removal and app to remove watermark from video. If you are struggling with the watermark remover app or do not have the skills to use photoshop software, then TopMediai is the best option. Not only because it removes watermark from images, but also very easy to use.

Removing watermarks, especially from the stock images , requires high technology tools and knowledge, but with TopMediai, you are a single click away from removing complicated watermarks.


    Hunting for a tool to erase image watermark? Why not try a professional remover TopMediai to remove watermark 100% Auto with AI-powered Technology within 5 secs in 1 click.

How to Step:

Step 1. Go to TopMediai MarkGo Watermark Online.

topmediai watermark online upload

Step 2. Drag or upload the images or video in the selected section.

Step 3. Click on “remove watermark”.

topmediai bg eraser upload getty image

Step 4. You can download the pictures without watermarks in JPG.

topmediai bg eraser remove getty watermark

Key Features

You can remove any watermark from images.

TopMedia allows downloading images in HD resolution.

Allow you to change the background color.

You can download images in different formats.

Watch the video to learn more about TopMediai MarkGo Watermark Online.
TopMediai MarkGo Watermark Online

Part 3: FAQs about Best Apps for Removing Watermark

1Which app is best for removing watermark?

There are many apps for removing the watermark, but the best one we recommend is AirBrush.

2How do I remove watermarks from photos for free?

There are many free apps and online websites to remove watermark from photos. You can follow the guide mentioned in this article.

3Can I remove the watermark easily online?

Yes! You can easily remove the watermark online through TopMediai MarkGo.


We have demonstrated the list of watermark remover apps for removing watermarks from both videos and photos. See whatever fits you best from the free and paid approaches. 

 If you don’t wanna download an app, you can also try removing watermark online using the web-based tool TopMediai MarkGo Watermark Online without hassle.

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