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Unlock the Magic of Text to Music AI: Create AI-Generated Music from Text!

Home > AI Song & Music > Unlock the Magic of Text to Music AI: Create AI-Generated Music from Text!
Daniel Updated: July 20, 2023

14507 views , 2 min read


Welcome to the realm of innovation, where words seamlessly transform into melodious harmonies with the Text to Music AI. This groundbreaking tool revolutionizes music creation, empowering you to generate awe-inspiring compositions from your written text or prompt.

Read on to unleash the potential of AI-generated music and dive into the world of limitless imagination.


Part 1: Walk Through Text to Music AI!

1. What Refers to Text to Music AI?

Text to Music AI is an innovative technology that uses artificial intelligence to convert written text into music compositions. It allows users to effortlessly create melodies and harmonies from words, adding a new dimension to creativity and music production.

Here are some benefits of Text to Music AI Generator:


Effortless Music Creation

Time-Saving Solution

Creative Inspiration


Enhancing Communication


Royalty-Free Content

Part 2: How to Get Text to Music AI?

1.Google's AI Text-to-Music Generator MusicLM

Google's highly-anticipated AI-powered text-to-music generator, MusicLM, is now accessible to users through its AI Test Kitchen platform. This groundbreaking product is available on the web, Android, and iOS, providing musicians and music enthusiasts with a powerful tool for music creation.

Furthermore, MusicLM showcases its versatility by creating music that corresponds to specific places, genres, historical periods, or even descriptions of other artworks, such as paintings.


Key Features:

Allows users to generate music not only from written text but also by humming a melody and adding a text prompt.

Enable users to direct MusicLM on how they want the melody to be played, whether as a guitar solo or an a cappella chorus, among other options.

Advanced machine learning models are employed to produce high-quality music by interpreting text descriptions.

  • Genre and Style Customization.

  • Custom playlists can be made based on themes, moods, or musical subgenres.

  • You can enter unique prompts.

  • Generates cover art that represents the mood, style, or essence of the compositio.

  • Now available for public use.

  • Concerns about copyright infringement

2. Now Comes to Mubert Text to Music

Mubert AI has now opened access to their text-to-music engine, catering to all content creators. Utilizing the Mubert Render website, creators can easily use the engine through a straightforward input form. Whether it's an abstract phrase, a genre or mood name, or a description of content events, users can enter anything they desire.

Mubert's AI will then produce a tailored track, with durations of up to 25 minutes, perfectly suited to the input provided.


Key Features:

API provided to bring music to your product.

You can get royalty-free music.

Users have the access to Mubert Studio musician to unlock the infinite potential of your music with AI.

  • Genre and Style Customization.

  • Custom playlists can be made based on themes, moods, or musical subgenres.

  • Now available for public use.

  • There is a lot to improve the sound.

Part 3: Other Tool to Elevate Your Music Creation

1. TopMediai AI Cover to Create your Own Music

TopMediai AI Song Cover Generator not only serves as a tool for artists and content creators but also as a platform for music enthusiasts to discover fresh interpretations of their favorite songs.


Try it Now

Secure Visit

Key Features:

Seamless Cover Creation.

High-Quality Results

We will gather new ai model request and update regularly.

  • We will regularly update more ai models for you to choose.

  • Multiple input formats supported.

  • Preview and download options allowed.

  • You can cover the song you like in your favorite voice.

  • Limited ai models now.

Part 4: Hot FAQs about AI Music Generator from Text

1What other inputs can the AI Music Generator from Text process?

Besides text inputs, the AI Music Generator can accept other forms of input, such as humming melodies or voice recordings.

Users can hum a tune, add a text prompt describing their desired musical direction, and the AI will create music based on these cues.

2Can users customize the music generated by the AI Music Generator?

Absolutely! Users have the flexibility to customize the music generated by the AI Music Generator. They can adjust the tempo, add or remove instruments, modify the mood, and personalize various elements to match their creative vision and preferences.

3What is an AI Music Generator from Text?

The AI Music Generator from Text is a cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to convert written text or prompt into fully-composed musical pieces.

It analyzes the linguistic elements of the text and translates them into melodies, harmonies, and instrumentations, resulting in original music compositions.

Conclusion Embrace the power of the Text to Music Generator and experience the sheer joy of turning your written words into mesmerizing music. Don't let your ideas remain confined to text—set them free with the magic of ai-generated music from text.

Try the Text to Music AI now and witness the captivating fusion of words and melodies, creating a symphony of innovation at your fingertips.

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