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The Most Scariest Demon Voice Changer for Creepy Voice Trolls


Updated: March 6, 2023
• Filed to: Voice Change

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Are you a fan of trolling people with creepy voices? If so, you should without a doubt get the demon voice changer. As the name suggests, this is a voice changer that transforms your voice to sound like a demon. This article goes into detail about using the voice changer and much more.

Part 1: Free demon voice changer online

1. Topmediai online voice changer

Topmediai is a free voice changer that is available online. The fact that it is an online voice changer means that you do not need to worry about downloading any software or installation either. You can simply go to the website and use this demonic voice changer.

topmediai demon voice changer online

Key Features:

Topmediai is one of the few voice changers that allow one to change and adjust your accent, timbre, and much more.

Topmediai is compatible with several social media platforms, and therefore allows you to share your work across them.

When using this voice changer, you have the creative freedom to customize your own voice effects.

Using Topmediai is not complicated as all you need is a web browser and to be connected to the internet.

Topmediai can be used by everyone as it has a beginner-friendly interface.

To use Topmediai, you do not need to spend a penny. It is free and that means that you have a variety of effects and voice filters at your disposal or free.

A limitation to using Topmediai as your demonic voice changer of choice includes:

  • It is necessary to have internet access to use it.
  • Part 2: The best demon voice changer for mobile

    1. Voice changer with effects

    Voice changer with effects is one of the best comprehensive apps for Android for modifying your voice to get that perfect demon voice to be able to play pranks on friends with. This app has a variety of options and is very easy to use making it top of the charts.

    voice changer with effects interface

    Key Features:

    This voice changer with effects has a built-in recorder which makes using it easy, as you can use it to record your environment or your voice.

    This voice changer with effects has several effects for you to use.

    The app also allows you to import your own customized voice effects and use them on the app.

    The app stores your final audios and you can set them to be your notifications or even share them on social networks.

    This app works instantly. There is no waiting time involved.

    To use this voice changer with effects, you do not need to pay any money. Once you download it, you can freely use the app and its effects.

    limitations of using this voice changer with effects include:

  • The app does not have advanced options.
  • The users of this app highly recommend it.

    voice changer with effects reviews

    2. Voice changer plus

    Voice changer plus is your best option if you are an Ios user and you want a good demon voice changer. The app is fun to use and has several effects that are not only applicable to voices, but also to singing!


    Key Features:

    The voice changer plus offers support for all kinds of voiceovers. You can use it for putting voiceovers in your videos to make them more interesting.

    The voice changer is free to use and you can also share everything you edit.

    Voice changer plus offers one the chance to trim audios while editing them.

    Voice changer plus has several effects that you can use to edit your audios.

    After editing your audios, you also have the option to layer the audio with more effects.

    Using voice changer plus is completely free. All you need to do is download the app and from then, you can enjoy the features.

    Some of the limitations of voice changer plus include:

  • The app has a number of ads.
  • Users advocate for the use of voice changer plus and vouch for its efficiency.

    voice changer plus review

    Part 3: The most realistic demon voice changer for PC

    There are various voice changers for PC that can bring about the voice effect of demons. MagicMic however continues to be known as the best for various reasons.

    MagicMic Demon Voice Changer 


    Key Features:

    You can use MagicMic to edit your recorded voice as well as to edit audios that had already been pre-recorded on your phone.

    You can use MagicMic on different gaming sites as well as apps such as Discord.

    MagicMic has several voice memes as well as effects that allow you to use them on different programs.

    MagicMic has a large number of voice filters that you can use to edit your voice in real time.

    MagicMic gives you the freedom to customize your own sound effects as well as your own soundboard.

    MagicMic’s limitations include:

  • Accessing its premium features requires payment.
  • Users of MagicMic praise its capabilities as well as its features and are very satisfied with it.

    magicmic reviews

    Part 4: The most popular creepy voice filters except demon

    Other than demon, there are various creepy voice filters. These include:

    1. Pennywise

    Pennywise is the main antagonist from the horror novel and film It. He is portrayed to be an evil entity that is trans-dimensional and uses various powers such as reality manipulation and shapeshifting to go without being noticed by adults while he preys on children in Derry.


    2. Vecna

    Vecna is the main antagonist in the show Stranger Things. He is just finally realized in the fourth season as the one who perpetuated all the unfortunate occurrences in the previous seasons. Vecna was not always a scary monster. Before, he was simply a boy called Henry with psychokinetic abilities.


    3. Gollum

    Gollum is one of the fictional characters from the middle-earth legendarium by J.R.R Tolkien. Gollum was initially introduced in The Hobbit, a 1937 novel. The character gained importance and was therefore featured in The Lord of the Rings, the sequel. He was featured as a Stoor Hobbit living near Gladden Fields.


    4. Ghostface

    Ghostface is a fictional antagonist identity from the Scream franchise that adopted eleven characters. Ghostface was created by Kevin Williamson originally. In person, Ghostface is mute but is voiced by Roger L. Jackson over the phone. This is a constant despite whoever may be behind the Ghostface mask.


    5. Joker

    Joker, whose official name is Arthur Fleck, is a party clown who lives with mother who is sick. The society shuns Joker and regards him to be a freak. This is the origin of his villain life as he embraces the life of chaos and crimes.



    Deciding which demon voice changer does not have to be so tiring. Regardless of the operating system you use, there is one perfect for you. Topmediai continues to be the most used as its results are known and vouched for.

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