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Generate Haechan AI Voice: NCT DREAM 3rd Full Album 'ISTJ' July 17th Release!

Home > AI Song & Music > Generate Haechan AI Voice: NCT DREAM 3rd Full Album 'ISTJ' July 17th Release!
Daniel Updated: June 15, 2023

18796 views , 3 min read


In the world of K-pop, NCT DREAM is a group that has captivated fans with their energetic performances and talented members. One of the standout vocalists in the group is Haechan, known for his unique and captivating voice.
In this article, we will explore how you can generate Haechan AI voice using a free voice actor generator, dive into who Haechan is, and provide updates on the highly anticipated album ‘ISTJ’ release.


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Part 1: How to Create Haechan AI Voice with Free Voice Generator?

For most of users request, we will show the tutorial of using voice generator. Feel free to Part 2. to learn more about BTS-Haechan.

TopMediai Text to Speech - Make Your NCT Dream Come True

When it comes to generating Haechan's AI voice, one reliable option is TopMediai Text to Speech. This powerful tool allows you to transform written text into spoken words that resemble Haechan's voice. With its advanced algorithms, it can replicate the voice of NCT's Haechan and provide an authentic and high-quality audio output.


How to Generate Haechan AI Voice:

Step 1: Start by accessing the official website of TopMediai Text to Speech.

Step 2: Select the desired language and Haechan ai voice on “KPOP” option.


Step 3: Enter the text, It can be a message, lyrics, or any other written content you wish to transform.

Step 4: Customize voice parameters (optional), such as pitch, speed, or tone.

Step 5: Convert and preview the haechan voice.


Versatile Applications: Haechan AI voices can be used in various applications like content creation and voice-overs.

Free Voice Generator: TopMediai provides a free voice generator service.

Reliable and Accurate: The voice generator ensures accurate and reliable voice outputs.

Fast Processing: It has fast processing capabilities for quick voice generation.

Accessibility: TopMediai is accessible online from any device with an internet connection.

Ongoing Development and Support: Continually improves its technology and offers user support.

High-Quality AI Voices: Produces realistic and high-quality AI-generated voices.

Part 2: Who is Haechan?

Haechan, born Lee Dong-hyuck, is a talented South Korean singer and member of the popular K-pop group NCT. Known for his exceptional vocals and charismatic stage presence, Haechan captivates fans worldwide. With his smooth and versatile voice, he effortlessly transitions between genres and delivers powerful performances.


Haechan's AI-generated voice allows fans to creatively incorporate his distinct vocals into their projects, further enhancing their connection to his talent and NCT's music.

Part 3: How is NCT DREAM 3rd Full Album 'ISTJ' Going?

NCT DREAM fans are buzzing with excitement for the release of their 3rd full album, 'ISTJ.' Anticipation is high as they eagerly await Haechan's mesmerizing vocals. Dropping on July 17th, the album promises to showcase the group's growth and musical maturity.


NCT DREAM consistently pushes boundaries with innovative music, and 'ISTJ' is expected to be another groundbreaking release. Stay tuned for updates and teasers!

Part 4: FAQs about Haechan AI Voice

1 Does TopMediai have All NCT Members’ AI voice?

No. We have apart of Most popular NCT members’ ai voice, and we will keep going to update more NCT members ai voice.

2 Are there any other KPOP Group AI Voices besides NCT members Haechan?

Yes Of course. Such as BLACKPINK, BTS, AESPA, TWICE and so on.

Conclusion Embrace the limitless realm of creativity with TopMediai Voice Generator. Step into a world where Haechan AI voice comes alive, enabling you to create captivating content that resonates with your audience. The power to shape extraordinary experiences lies at your fingertips. Embrace the future of voice generation and let your creativity soar with TopMediai.
Don’t foget to focus on NCT New Album!

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