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How Do I Cut Someone Out of A Picture Without Photoshop in 2024

Home > Image Background > How Do I Cut Someone Out of A Picture Without Photoshop in 2024
Daniel Updated: September 28, 2022

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When we take photos, there are a few things in the background that ruin the appearance and beauty of the whole picture. You can't take the same picture again, so the best way is to cut the unwanted thing or person from the image. Few tools allow the user to cut someone out from pictures. Let us look at some of the excellent online tools, apps, and desktop applications.

remove image background

Part 1: 2 Efficient Online Tools to Cut Out someone from Picture

1.1 TopMediai BG Eraser Online

TopMediAi BG Eraser Online is an online tool that allows the user to cut someone out of a picture without photoshop that appears in the background. It uses AI to process the image and remove the background precisely.

One of the best things about online tools is that there is no installation needed. The user can simply go to the website and get the task done.


Here are a few steps that are required to follow to cut someone out from a picture without Photoshop using TopMediAi BG Eraser Online.

Step 1. Go to TopMediAi BG Eraser Online website.

remove image background

Step 2. Click on Upload Image.

upload image using topmediai bg eraser

Step 3. Time to Remove Background.

AI will process the image and remove the background with perfection. It will cut someone out of picture with advanced AI algorithms.

cut someone out using topmediai BG eraser

Step 4. Change the Background now.

If you want to add a new background as you like, you can upload your own background or use the ones provided by TopMediai.

add new background to image using topmediai


TopMediAi BG Eraser Online supports multiple image formats.

It has a simple and friendly user interface.

It uses AI to remove the background.

TopMediAi BG Eraser Online removes background with just 1-click.

It can be accessed from anywhere as it is an online tool.

Even a beginner can use this tool because it is not complex or advanced.

Watch the video to learn more about TopMediai BG Eraser online .
TopMediai BG Eraser Online

1.2 Fotor

Fotor is another online tool that can easily cut someone or something out of the picture. It has different editing tools that are very effective. Instead of using professional editing tools, the users can use this tool.

Fotor has multiple complex tools that are not available in other online tools, and this makes it stand out from the rest. Let us see how we can use its tool to cut someone out of the picture.

Step 1. Go to the Fotor website and proceed toward the Fotor editor. Click on "Open Image" in the center of the screen and browse the image that you want to edit with Fotor.

fotor open image

Step 2. Now, when the image is uploaded, go to the left toolbars to select the appropriate tool to cut something out of the image.

fotor choose adjust

Step 3. The background remover tool will use the AI and get rid of the background except for the object in the image.

There are two types of cutouts that Fotor offers. These are "Common Cutout" and "Portrait Cutout". Apply each of these one by one to see what gives the best result.

fotor portrait cutout

Step 4. Once the background is removed, click on "Download" in the top-right corner to save the image to your PC.


Fotor can remove or cut anything from the image easily.

It has multiple editing tools that can help the user to enhance the image.

It is an online tool, and the user doesn't need to have prior technical knowledge.

Fotor has an interesting user interface that attracts people to it.

Part 2: 2 Apps to Remove a Person from a Photo

2.1 PhotoCut

PhotoCut is an Android/iOS photo editing application that will enable the user to remove a person or an object from the image. It is a very effective tool that works efficiently.

Moreover, the user can manually cut out someone precisely. Let us see how to cut an object or a person from a photo using PhotoCut.

Step 1. Go to the Play Store or App Store and download PhotoCut to your phone. Browse the image from which you want to remove a person or an object.

photocut upload image

Step 2. Below the image, you will see different editing options. To be able to remove a person or an object, click on "Magic Cutout".

As you click on it, you will see two options, namely "Person" and "Object". Choose the one that you want to cut out from the photo.

photocut click magic cutout

Step 3. When the cutout is made, and you want to add precision to it, then take the eraser and clean the leftover marks.

Then tap on the next arrow, crop the image as you like, and tap on the next arrow again. Lastly, tap on the "Save" option to export the image to your phone.

photocut save option


It is a free tool and is available on the Play Store/App Store.

The Magic Cutout tool of PhotoCut is an exceptional tool that makes the whole process easy.

This tool also has another professional editing tool.

It doesn't lower the quality of the image.

2.2 Snapseed

Snapseed is another phone application that allows the user to edit any kind of image. It is available on both the Android and iOS platforms for the ease of the user.

To remove a person from a photo using Snapseed, there are plenty of tools. However, we will discuss the easiest tool to get the job done.

Step 1. Download and install Snapseed on your phone. Open the tool. Tap the plus button to browse or import the image.

snapseed import image

Step 2. After uploading the image, click on "Tools". Among the list of tools, select the "Brush" tool. Choose the dodge and burn option and set the intensity to 10 by pressing the arrow key.

snapseed brush tool

Step 3. Highlight the area that you want to remove from the background of an image.

Keep on highlighting the area until it turns dark. Then click on the next option to see how the background is removed.

snapseed remove background

Step 4. Click on next again to save or share the photo to any social media platform.

snapseed save image


Snapseed makes it easy to do photo editing.

It has many editing tools that no free application has.

It is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms.

Snapseed has an interactive user interface.

Part 3: How to Cut Someone out of a Picture in Photoshop

There is no argument for the fact that Photoshop is the most famous editing tool in the tool.From eraser to advanced lasso tool, you name it, and it has it.

To be able to cut someone or something out of a picture in Photoshop, there are many tools. We will discuss a tool that is easy for the users to use.

Step 1. After downloading and installing the tool, open it. Import the image that you want to edit.

Go to the background layer option on the lower-left side and right-click on the background to add a background layer.

Step 2. Now, take the "Lasso Tool" from the left toolbar and start highlighting the area around the object that you want to cut out of the image. Make sure that starting and ending points meet.

photoshop remove background inverse the selection

Step 3. Go to the selection menu and invert your selection. The whole background of the image will be selected except the object you highlighted.

photoshop remove background- magnetic lasso tool

Step 4. Click on "Delete", and the object will be cut out from the image. To save the image, go to files and click on "Save As" to download the image to your PC.

photoshop remove background click on delect

Part 4: FAQs About Cutting Out Someone from Picture

1How to cut someone out of a picture without photoshop?

In this article, we have discussed multiple tools besides Photoshop that you can use to cut someone out of a picture. The best tool is TopMediAi BG Eraser Online which removes the background with just a click.

2What is the best app to cut someone out of a picture?

The two best apps that you can find on both the Android and iOS platforms are PhotoCut and Snapseed. Both have easy procedures to cut someone out of a picture, and both tools are free to use.

3How to cut someone out of a picture in Photoshop?

The best way to cut someone out of a picture in Photoshop is by using the lasso tool and selecting the object. Then invert your selection and delete the rest of the image. You will be left with the object that you wanted to cut out of the picture.

Final Words:

Our discussion about cutting someone or something out of the picture comes to an end. We have discussed online tools, phone applications, and Photoshop to cut someone out of the picture. However, the easiest method is using an onlien tool. The users can blindly use TopMediai BG Eraser Online to realize background removal as it is a reliable website to cut someone out from photos.Also, it is a free tool for everyone to enjoy. Have a try from here!

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