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How to Remove Checkered Background from Image Online/App

Home > Image Background > How to Remove Checkered Background from Image Online/App
Daniel Updated: June 29, 2022

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Removing any colored background from an image is not very difficult if you know the right tool to use. In this article, we will mainly talk about the images with checkered backgrounds and how to remove them. With some tools, it can be a little difficult to erase the checkered background. But here, we will talk about some very easy tools that the user can use and erase the checkered background easily.We will discuss TopMediai BG Eraser and other offline and online tools that can be used for this purpose. Let’s see how to remove the checkered background from an image.

Part 1. TopMediai BG Eraser -- the Easiest PNG Checkered Background Remover

1TopMediai BG Eraser

We will talk about how to get rid of the checkered background from an image. Besides these features, TopMediai BG Eraser also has a feature of removing objects from the background of the image. The best thing about TopMediai BG Eraser is that it is compatible with both Windows and macOS, making it easier for users to use. 

remove image background


    Hunting for a tool to erase signature background? Why not try a professional remover TopMediai to remove backgrounds 100% Auto with AI-powered Technology within 5 secs in 1 click.

Unlike many complex editing tools, TopMediai BG Eraser has a user-friendly interface. It helps the user to erase the checkered background with just a few clicks. Moreover, any kind of background can be removed with TopMediai BG Eraser. Here are simple steps in which the user can remove the checkered background.

Watch the video to learn more about TopMediai BG Eraser online .
TopMediai BG Eraser Online

Part 2. Photoshop --The Professional Tool to Remove Checkered Background

When it comes to Adobe Photoshop, there is no need for an introduction. The tool speaks for itself. The wide and diverse variety of tools it offers to the user is irreplaceable. There is nothing related to editing that Photoshop cannot do.

frameKey Features

  • There are plenty of tools like the lasso tool, magic wand tool, the free selection tool, and many more that help the user to remove the background.

  • It has a layer editing system that enhances the level of editing.

  • It is also compatible with Windows and macOS. But it has subscription charges that the user needs to pay.

How-to Steps

1Step 1: Download and Install

First, you need to download Photoshop. You can either subscribe to it or use unethical means to download it from a website. Install the tool. It will take a few minutes.

2Step 2: Create a New Project

Open the tool and click on “Create”. Create a new project and open the image from which you want to remove the checkered background.

3Step 3: Unlocking and Remove Background

If the properties window is not enabled, go to Windows and click on properties. It will appear on the right-hand side of Photoshop. Unlock the layer by clicking on the “lock” appearing next to the layer. Go to properties windows, under the section of “Quick Actions”, and you will see an option of “Remove Background”. Click on it. It will take a few seconds to process, and then the background will be removed.

4Step 4: Magic Wand Tool for Finishing

As you can see, inside the circle, the checkered background still exists. Take the Magic Wand tool, select the area, and press “Delete” to erase it.


5Step 5: Export Image

Now, you can safely export the image. Go to “Files > Save As”. Choose the file format, size, and location where you want to save it.

Part 3. ClickMajic -- Online Eraser to Remove Checkered Background from PNG

People that don’t want their hard disk to fill can use this online tool to remove the checkered background from an image. It is very easy to use and works quickly. It only requires a stable internet connection.

frameKey Features

  • If you are a new user, then you can remove one checkered background image for free. But later on, you will need to get credits to remove it.

  • If you are a new user, then you can remove one checkered background image for free. But later on, you will need to get credits to remove it.

  • It is a trustable website and does not include any clickbait.

How-to Steps

1Step 1: Go to the Website

You need an internet connection to remove the background. Go to the website. Here, you will see that you only have a single credit for a single image. If you want to remove more checkered or any kind of background, then you have to buy the credit.

2Step 2: Upload the Image

Click on “Remove Background”. The website will ask the user to upload the image. Drag and drop the image in the box here. AI will analyze and process the image within a few seconds and give you a preview of both before and after background removal.

3Step 3: Download

Click on the “Download” option to export the image to your computer without the background.


Part 4. Paint.Net -- Effective Way to Remove PNG Checkered Background

Paint.net is an editing tool for amateurs as well as professionals. It is an easy-to-use tool but only works with the Windows OS. It has a handful of tools that are effective and enhance the look of an image in no time.

frameKey Features

  • The effects are also available to add details to the image.

  • The interface of Paint.net is the easiest among the editing tools.

  • It has simple instructions for people that are new to editing.

  • It is a free tool that is best for editing when the user is on a budget.

How-to Steps 

1Step 1: Download and Install

Paint.net is not a big software in size. It can be downloaded in seconds. But it only works with Windows.

2Step 2: Upload the Image

Open the tool and drag and drop the image here. It supports different image formats like PNG, JPG, and many more.

3Step 3: Take Magic Wand Tool

Go to the left toolbar and select the Magic Wand Tool. This tool helps the user to select the area. It selects the area based on the color, texture, and pattern of the area.


4Step 4: Select and Delete

With Magic Wand Tool, select the checkered background of the image and press “Delete”. It will select the specific area, so do this step again and again till you select and delete the whole background.

1Step 5: Save the Image

Once you are done, you can go to “Files” and export the image by clicking on “Save As”. Select the path where you want to save the image.

Part 5. Apowersoft Background Eraser -- Powerful App to Erase the Checkered Background from Image

Apowersoft is both an online and downloadable tool. Here, we will talk about the downloadable desktop variant. It is a very powerful app that is specifically developed to remove the background of the image.

frameKey Features

  • Apowersoft features different categories of background removal. It has background removal for portraits, products, cars, clothes, and animals, and you can even create an ID photo with it.

  • It allows the user to remove any watermark or unblur the photo.

  • It is a user-friendly tool that anyone can use.

How-to Steps

1Step 1: Download and Install

Just like every other tool, you need to download this background removal tool. It can help with removing the checkered background. Install the tool and open it.

2Step 2: Upload Image (Specific)

Based on the specifics of your images, whether it has a person or an object selected from the given options.

3Step 3: Preview Image

It will take a few seconds to process the image, and the AI will remove the background. You can then preview the cutout and the original image. The checkered background is now removed.


4Step 4: Pay to Download

However, the user cannot download the image for free. The user needs to pay a subscription charge to be able to download the image. Otherwise, the user can take a screenshot of the preview with the watermark of Apowersoft.

FAQs:How to Remove Checkered Background from Image

1How do I remove a Checkered background from a PNG?

There are many tools mentioned above that can help the user to remove a checkered background. However, iMyFone supports a PNG file, and it can remove the checkered background very easily.

2How do I remove the Checkered background from a JPEG?

Other online tools like Apowersoft and ClickMajic can be used to remove checkered backgrounds from a JPEG format image. If it does not work in some cases, then there are other alternatives like TopMediai BG Eraser and Photoshop for this purpose.

3How do you get rid of GREY squares in a picture?

You can refer to any part of the article if you want to get rid of GREY squares from a picture. You can use TopMediai BG Eraser, Photoshop, ClickMajic, Apowersoft, and Paint.net to fulfill this objective.

4Why does my PNG have a Checkered background?

The checkered background portrays transparency. When you upload it in any photo editing tool, it is treated as invisible and see-through.


There could be plenty of reasons why an image has a checkered background, and there are plenty of solutions to remove it. The most straightforward tool is TopMediai BG Eraser. Although there are many other tools when it comes to feasibility and effectiveness, TopMediai BG Eraser is the best. The user can download the trial version and try the tool if he finds it suitable for removing the background. It does the job with one click. On top of that, watermark adding can also be realized with ease.

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