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How to Get Vocals in Acapella App on PC/Windows/Mac/Web-Based

Home > Vocal Remover > How to Get Vocals in Acapella App on PC/Windows/Mac/Web-Based
Daniel Updated: October 10, 2023

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The musicians also adore the acapella apps to create jamming videos with their friends and singers. If you are an Acapella lover, you will surely have downloaded any apps to create videos on your mobile phone. However, there is hardly any Acapella app on PC you can install and use on a bigger screen.

There is a way to use the Acapella apps on a PC without paying anything by just installing one software on your Windows device. We have shared the best emulators to install on your PC to enjoy the acapella apps. Besides, l will share web-based alternatives to the acapella app eliminating any need to install the emulators.

acapella app for pc

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Part 1: Web-Based Alternative of Acapella App On PC

TopMediai Vocal Remover

If you don’t want to install an app on your PC to edit songs, you can go for TopMediai Vocal Remover, the best online platform. The AI-based platform works on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, you can expect perfect extraction of acapella with TopMediai and use it as an alternative Acapella app on PC.

topmediai vocal remover

Steps of using TopMediai Vocal Remover to Make an Acapella:

Step 1: Visit TopMediai Vocal Remover and click 'Upload' button to import a song from device.

topmediai vocal remover step 1

Step 2: Separate vocals from music in few seconds automatic with AI.

topmediai vocal remover step 2

Step 3: Preview and save the extracted vocal/bgm/ instrumental track, and the vocal part can be your acapella song. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can tap on the vocals and download them separately on your device.

topmediai vocal remover step 3

Key Features

Artificial intelligence to process and separate music and vocals

Get acapella from a song with a single click.

No installation is needed to use the acapella app on a PC.

Support all operating systems.

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Part 2: Get Vocals In Acapella App on PC

If you are a Windows or Mac user, you might not be able to get an authentic Acapella app on a PC. Instead, you will have to download and run Android emulators on your PC and then look for Acapella apps like Acapella by PicPlayPost or Acapella Maker. Therefore, we have listed the most trusted and best emulators to help you run Acapella apps on PC.

1MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator is an Android emulator to download on your PC. The open-source software is easy to install and set up without paying any subscription fee or sign-up/registration. You can use your PC just like an Android phone and enjoy using all the apps used on an Android. Emulators are popular among gamers for a smooth gaming experience, but we will also tell you how the MEmu emulator can be used for running an Acapella app on a PC.

memuplay google app

Here are the steps to install an Acapella app on a PC with MEmu Emulator:

Step 1: Install MEmu Emulator: Go to the official website of MEmu and download the setup. Once downloaded, install it on your PC and launch.

Step 2: Find An Acapella App on PC: Once set up the emulator, go to the Google Play Store, sign in with your account details, and search for an acapella app for PC. You can try Acapella maker or Acapella by PicPlayPost.

Step 3: Create Your Acapella App: Once you have found the app, install it on your PC, launch the app, and start creating Acapella videos on the go.

Key Features

High performance with support for high FPS settings.

File sharing between PC and emulator.

Root access option.

Resource allocation control for optimizing performance.

2Nox App Player

MVSep is a dedicated acapella extraction software designed for users who want a straightforward and efficient way to remove vocals from songs. With real-time preview options and support for various audio formats, MVSep is an accessible choice for those with limited audio editing experience. It offers quick and reliable results without the need for complex settings.

nox app player

Here is the step-by-step guide to installing the Acapella installer on your PC:

Step 1: Install NoxPlayer On Your PC: Visit the official website of the Nox emulator and download the setup file. Once downloaded, install the app on your PC.

Step 2: Set up The Emulator: Launch the app on your PC and set up everything to get started with the Android emulator.

Step 3: Look For Acapella App: Google Play Store is a pre-installed app in the emulator, and all you have to do is sign in with your Google account. Once in, search for the Acapella app you want to run on your PC. Install the app to enjoy Acapella videos on a bigger screen.

Step 4: Run Acapella App On PC: The last step is to run the app on your PC and create Acapella videos the way you want. It’s that simple!

Key Features

Customizable keyboard mapping and gamepad support.

Screen recording and screenshot capabilities.

File sharing between PC and emulator.

Root access option.


Bluestacks is yet another app you need to install for running Acapella app on a PC. Bluestacks is the favorite emulator of the gamers to run heavy games like Asphalt 8, Clash of Clans, etc., smoothly. You can install and run any app that is available for Android devices and Google Play Store. The emulator is also free to download or use. You can also download the APK files that are not available on Google Play Store. The emulator has a great user interface and is convenient.


Here is how to download Bluestacks and run Acapella apps on your PC:

Step 1: Install Bluestacks: Visit the official website of Bluestacks from your PC and download the setup file. Once downloaded, install the Bluestacks emulator on the PC.

Step 2: Set Up Emulator: After completion of installation, launch the app and complete the setup process for Bluestacks.

Step 3: Find Acapella App On PC: Google Play Store is a pre-installed app in the emulator, and all you have to do is sign in with your Google account. Once in, search for the Acapella app you want to run on your PC. Install the app to enjoy Acapella videos on a bigger screen.

Step 4: Make Acapella Videos On The Go: Launch the Acapella app on PC using the emulator and enjoy the videos on the go.

Key Features

Cloud sync for app data.

File sharing between PC and emulator.

Customizable performance settings.

Multi-instance manager for multitasking.


MVSep is also a solution for people looking for an Acapella app on PC. The software lets you separate the voice soundtrack from the music.
The advanced solution can separate different components, including music, drums, guitar, piano, etc. The Music and voice separator can be used online via your PC(Windows, Mac, etc.). The platform lets you add multiple formats of audio files up to the size of 100 MBs.

mvsep voice separation

Here is how to use MVSep to separate the voice from the music for free:

Step 1: Upload Audio File: Visit the official website of MVSep here and tap on upload audio files to get started. Make sure you upload the file in one of the allowed formats.

Step 2: Choose Separation Type: Once uploaded, choose the separation type. To do this, tap on Separation type and select Spleeter(Vocal, music) from the dropdown menu. Also, choose the output encoding as mp3, wav, or FLAC. Tap on ‘I’m not a robot’ to start the separation process. Finally, hit the Separate Button.

Step 3: Download Acapella From A Song: The processing will start, and as soon as the file is available for download, you can save it on your device.

Key Features

Dedicated acapella extraction software.

Real-time preview of vocal separation.

Easy-to-use interface.

Supports multiple audio formats.

Part 4: FAQs about Acapella App for PC

1 Can I use Acapella to make music covers on my PC?

Yes, if you manage to run Acapella using an Android emulator on your PC, you can create music covers and collaborate with others. You can record your vocals and harmonies and edit the video within the app.

2 Are there alternatives to Acapella for PC users?

Yes, there are several alternatives for PC users who want to create music videos or collaborate with others. Software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Ableton Live, GarageBand, or online platforms like TopMediai Vocal Remover can be used to create and edit music.

3 Can I extract acapellas from any song, or are there limitations?

You can generally extract acapellas from most songs, but the quality of the extraction may vary depending on factors like the complexity of the music, the quality of the source audio, and the tools or software you use.

Conclusion All the emulators we have mentioned in the blog are amazing and can be capitalized on to create Acapella videos using Acapella apps on PC. However, one downside of emulators is that they might slow down your computer. Therefore, we recommend you the best AI-technology-powered solution, TopMediai Vocal Remover.

With a single click, you can isolate the vocals from the music and use them in your Acapella videos. Besides, installing any heavy application or software on your PC is not necessary. Just visit the online platform and edit your audio files on the go.

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