How to Use Audacity to Remove Background Music Easily


Updated: July 22, 2022
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Removing background music is often required. Content creators remove the music to use the audio in their content. People like filmmakers hire professionals and specialists for this very purpose. In this article, we will guide you to fast use Audacity to remove background music from any audio clip. Moreover, we will also discuss online tools like iMyFone TopMediAi Vocal Remover.

Method 1. Remove Vocals from Song Audacity

Audacity is one of the most versatile apps available for audio editing. It is famous worldwide for its editing features and simplicity. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, which makes it the most used audio editing tool as well. It is a completely free tool that supports all audio formats.

The interface of Audacity is user-friendly and remains the same across different operating systems. The best thing about Audacity is that it is an open-source tool and can edit multi-track audio as well. However, our main goal and objective are to remove background music. 

Here are the steps that one can use to remove background music through Audacity.

Step 1: Download Audacity from its website, depending on your operating system, for free. Install the tool on your computer and open it. Go to “File > Import” and browse the audio from which you want to remove the music background.

Step 2: With the help of a slider over the audio clip, select the part of the audio from which you want to remove the background music. Then go to “Effect > Noise Removal”.


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Step 3: Click on “Get Noise Profile” to see where the background music exists on the audio clip. If you want to remove background music from the whole clip, select the whole clip or press “Ctrl + A”.


Step 4: Under the section of “Effects”, click on “Repeat Noise Removal”. Now, check if there is any background music in the clip or not.

Step 5: If you still hear some noise, you can adjust it from the settings given. When you are all done, export the edited track by going to “File > Export > Export Audio”. Choose the destination where you want to save your track.

Method 2. Remove Vocals from Song Online - TopMediAi Vocal Remover

TopMediAi Vocal Remover is a different tool than Audacity. It is a better alternative to Audacity when it comes to removing background music from any audio clip. 

Unlike Audacity, TopMediAi Vocal Remover is an online tool, which means that the user doesn’t have to download it. Just go to its website and start editing your audio clip. In this way, the tool doesn’t take any storage space and doesn’t require anything. It is a completely safe and reliable audio editing tool. It edits the audio at a fast speed and supports different formats of audio.

The user interface of TopMediAi Vocal Remover is straightforward. It just asks the user for the audio file and then processes it in a second. The user can then adjust the audio on the equalizer settings. If the user wants, he can change the output format of the audio clip or even upload it to a cloud service or social media platform. 

Most importantly, TopMediAi Vocal Remover never disturbs the original quality of the audio. After removing the background music, you will hear the same audio without any disturbance and changes.

Let us look into the steps that TopMediAi Vocal Remover requires to get rid of background music from an audio clip.

Step 1: TopMediAi Vocal Remover doesn’t require any installation. So, directly go to its website. On the home page of the website, you will see two options. Among these options, click on “Vocal & Background Music”. This is an option that will help us to filter out the background music from an audio clip.

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Step 2: As you click on it, the tool will ask you to browse the audio file. The user can also use the drag and drop feature to import the audio clip. Make sure that the audio file is within the size limit. The size limit for an audio file is 50MB.


Step 3: When the audio file is uploaded, TopMediAi Vocal Remover will then process it. The user will get the opportunity to add finishing touches to it. As we want to remove the background music, drag the drums and other music settings to a minimum. When done, click on the “Download” option to save this edited audio file to your computer.


FAQs - What is the Best Background Music Remover

1) TopMediAi Vocal Remover or Audacity? Which tool is easier to use?

Among these two tools, TopMediAi Vocal Remover is easier. It is because it has a simpler user interface, and it doesn’t have too many options to distract the user. Audacity is an advanced tool. It is used by professionals that have prior technical knowledge of audio and editing.

2) Does background music removal affect the real audio?

No, if you are using an excellent tool, then the audio quality will not be compromised. TopMediAi Vocal Remover and Audacity are reliable and excellent tools. They offer optimal audio quality output.

3) What is the best background music remover?

TopMediAi Vocal Remover is the best background music remover. It requires a few steps and supports different audio formats. The user can drag the equalizer and edit the music according to his liking. To remove vocals or background music, this tool is the best as the user can edit and listen to the music simultaneously. Once satisfied, click on download to export the audio file to the computer.


Audacity and TopMediAi Vocal Remover are two different tools, yet TopMediAi Vocal Remover can perform the same task more efficiently and quickly. To remove the vocals or background music, the steps are a little complex in Audacity. Whereas, in TopMediAi Vocal Remover, the whole process is very simple and easy. Most importantly, the user doesn’t need to download TopMediAi Vocal Remover as it is an online tool. It is much closer at hand than Audacity. Although Audacity has few advanced editing features when it comes to basic editing, then TopMediAi Vocal Remover is the best audio editing tool you can find.

Remove Vocals Now

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