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NewJeans AI Voice: Rock with the Latest AI-Generated K-pop Songs!


Updated: July 27, 2023
• Filed to: AI Song Cover

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Are you a fan of the sensational KPOP girl group, New Jeans? Do you want to incorporate their unique voices into your own creative projects? Here! l'll introduce you to the incredible New Jeans AI voice generator, which allows you to create your very own New Jeans voice.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and bring your projects to life with the power of New Jeans' vocals!


"I wanna tell you but I'm super shy, super shy"
— Super Shy Ariana Grande Cover By TopMediai.

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Part 1: Who is New Jeans?

NewJeans is a rising K-pop girl group managed by HYBE, the same label that manages BTS. The group consists of five members, including Lee Ji-won, Kim Min-ji, Park Soo-jin, Oh Ah-yeon, and Jung Eun-ji.

who is newjeans

Their music style includes retro synths and references to the 1990s and early 2000s, making them a leader of a new wave of K-pop girl bands. They have achieved success on platforms like TikTok and Apple Music's Top 100 chart, and their single "OMG" has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify.

Part 2: How to Generate NewJeans AI Voice?

TopMediai Voice Generator - Make Your Own New Jeans Voice[Exclusive]

TopMediai Voice Generator is a cutting-edge platform that provides an exclusive opportunity to make your own New Jeans voice. By utilizing advanced AI technology, this tool analyzes the unique vocal characteristics of each New Jeans member, capturing their tone, pitch, and emotions.


The result is a voice that sounds remarkably close to the original New Jeans members. With this voice generator, you can bring your stories, fan covers, or creative projects to life in a truly authentic and immersive way.

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How to Use generate New Jeans' AI Voice(Such as Hanni)?

Step 1. Access to TopMediai voice generator.

Step 2. Select the New Jeans members whose voice you want to generate.


Step 3. Input your text.

Step 4. Initiate the voice generation process.

Step 5. Preview and adjust the generated voice if needed.

Step 6. Download or save the generated voice for your projects.

Key Features:

Realistic vocal expressions and lifelike voices.

Support for multiple languages(70+).

Customization options for pitch, speed, and tone.

Collaboration and duet functionality for group performances.

Vocal style presets inspired by New Jeans' discography.

Regular updates and improvements to enhance the tool.

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Part 3: How to Cover New Jeans' New Song - Super Shy?

TopMediai AI Cover - For Every Artists You Like

AI Song Cover is really really hot recently, and it is possible and easy to work by using TopMediai AI Cover! TopMediai AI cover song generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and reinterpret existing songs, creating unique covers in different genres or styles.

topmediai-ai cover

How to Use Cover NewJeans Song?

Step 1. Access to TopMediai AI Cover.

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Step 2. Upload audio/video files. (Up to 20MB)
Supported formats: WAV, MP3, WAVE, OGG, FLAC, M4A, AAC, AIFF, OPUS, OGA.

how to cover-step 2

Step 3. Select the AI Model.
Now choose the AI Model with which you want to generate a song cover.

Step 4. Get your own ai song cover.
Now it's time to Convert. You can preview the new song before download.

how to cover-step 4

Cover Song Now

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Key Features:

Vocal style replication to create covers that resemble the original artist or group.

High-quality instrumental accompaniment tracks for professional-sounding covers.

Support for covers in different languages and genres.

Song selection from a wide range of options, you can upload every kinds of song you like.

Vocal training and enhancement tools.

Integration with music platforms for easy sharing.

Community platform for feedback and collaboration.

Part 4: Can't Wait for Super Shy be The Music Bank Chart Winner!

NewJeans recently performed their new single "Super Shy" on the KBS Music Bank stage, where fans noticed a retro-inspired dance routine reminiscent of 80s aerobics. The song has also gained popularity and critical acclaim, as the group won their first music show trophy for the track on Mnet's "M Countdown". "Super Shy" is expected to be a hit among fans and music critics as part of the EP.

Part 5: FAQs about New Jeans Voice AI

1 Who are the members of K-Pop group NewJeans?

NewJeans is a South Korean girl group formed by ADOR and is composed of five members - Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

2 What are some of NewJeans' most popular songs?

"Ditto," "OMG," "Tell Me (FRNK Remix)," "Cookie," "Attention," "Hurt," and "Hype Boy." These songs have achieved high rankings on various music charts, including Billboard.

Conclusion Thanks to the incredible TopMediai Voice Generator, fans of New Jeans can now experience the joy of creating content with their very own New Jeans ai voice. Get ready to be amazed by the power of AI as you discover and unleash the New Jeans AI voice for your Tiktok or other creations.

Let your imagination soar and join the TopMediai New Jeans revolution today!

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